GH Recap: The Mystery of the Missing Phoenix: Week of January 19th

GH Recap: The Mystery of the Missing Phoenix: Week of January 19th

What a week in Port Charles! The assassination mission continues. Jake is about to kill Sam who is in bed with Patrick. As if that scenario could not get more twisted, Robin shows up out of nowhere. Jake doesn’t recognize her. Robin pleads with Jake not to kill Sam. Just as Robin is about to reveal Jake’s real identity she disappears.

Upstairs, Patrick and Sam are taking their relationship to the next level. Jake walks in and after seeing them in bed, flashes back to himself and Sam being intimate. He keeps having flashbacks about Sam including putting a wedding ring on her finger. Sam and Patrick head to the shower and Jake spots some figurines and remembers Sam giving him the phoenix. He takes the phoenix and leaves, almost getting caught by Sam. The next morning Sam wakes up and realizes that her phoenix figurine, so special to her and Jason, is missing. She and Patrick turn the bedroom upside down looking for it.  

Later, Jake is discovered by a police officer passed out on the docks. He is brought to GH where he is tended to by Liz and Dr. Lucas Jones!

Jake remembers little about the night before but has a memory of handling the phoenix figurine. Later, Carly visits Jake who looks for the figurine in his duffel bag and finds a gun instead and the clothes he wore on his mission to murder Sam. Jake claims to have no idea how those items got into his bag. Carly tells Jake that they have to get to the bottom of this, and he agrees to go with her to see Dr. Collins.

Meanwhile, Dante and Lulu fight over her involvement with Johnny at the Haunted Star. Dante wants Lulu to relinquish her half of the club. Later, Dante apologizes but refuses to say he is sorry for not trusting Johnny. Later, Maxie, looking for Lulu at the Haunted Star, finds Johnny instead. They catch up and Johnny hopes that they can be friends.

In prison, Sonny and Julian are confronted by one of Johnny’s men. They overpower him and get their hands on his cell phone. Sonny calls Shawn for an update. They learn that Fluke is involved with Helena and that Bill Eckert owns the house that Shawn was found trespassing in. Shawn is served with a restraining order prohibiting him from coming near Michael or the Spencer property.  Sonny uses the phone to warn Michael to stay away from Luke. Michael is furious and threatens to inform the warden of Sonny’s phone if he should ever try to call him again.

Shortly after, Sonny receives a call from Fluke who issues a threat against Sonny and Julian’s sons. Sonny thinks that they need to break out of prison to stop Fluke.

They prepare for their escape. Franco threatens to expose them if they don’t let him use their secret phone. With no other choice, they let him use it.  On the outside, Fluke lures Lucas and Michael to the Haunted Star, offering to throw a party for the launch of the Waterfront Project. Later, Fluke pays Luke a visit, revealing his evil intentions for the guests at the party.

Meanwhile at Shadybrook, Nina has made a new friend…Heather Webber, who is going by the name “Diana Taylor.” 

Nina opens up to “Diana” about losing Franco, the only true friend she had and her mother’s betrayal. Franco calls Nina, unaware that Heather is listening.   

Ava awakens from a nightmare to see Madeline watching over her gloating about testifying against Nina in exchange for her freedom. Ava criticizes her for selling out her own daughter.

Later, Sonny and Julian have an idea to verify Fluke’s true identity. Sonny instructs Shawn to dig up Bill Eckert’s grave to see whether or not a body is inside. Before Shawn can do it, he hears a noise nearby. Jordan appears and questions him. He asks her if she is a cop but Jordan deflects. Finally, Shawn and Jordan open Bill’s casket. Is the body there? We’ll have to find out Monday!

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