GH Recap: A New Year With All New Drama: Week of January 5th

GH Recap: A New Year With All New Drama: Week of January 5th

In an action-packed week, Fluke holds Luke captive, orders a hit on Julian Jerome and Sam gets closer to finding out who helped Faison escape. Jake is haunted by memories of the incident while Ric worries Liz would rather be with Jake. 

Sonny learns from Morgan that he’s the father of Ava’s baby, whom she’s named Avery, but still wants to kill her. Johnny gets released from jail and tells Sonny he’s taking over the Jerome crime family. He also reunites with the Lulu, which is just what Dante feared.  


Flirtation and a Confession|Johnny flirts with Lulu while Julian confesses to murder.|Johnny & Lulu reminisce about the past. Meanwhile, Julian confesses to Anthony Zacchara’s murder.

Fluke "reconnects" with Bobbie, who wonders why it never occurred to anyone that Luke could have been replaced by his lookalike cousin, Bill Eckert. The mention of Bill’s name greatly upsets him. Meanwhile, Fluke is keeping Luke prisoner in the creepy basement of his old childhood home on Elm Street. Luke suspects that Fluke is really Bill Eckert, who supposedly died decades ago.

Ned and Alexis are each still dogged by thoughts of Olivia and Julian. When the couples run into each other, Ned is furious to realize that Olivia and Julian slept together and Olivia realizes that Alexis isn't over Julian at all. Meanwhile, Olivia confesses to Carly that she slept with Julian Jerome in an attempt to make Ned jealous. Carly and Olivia bond over their mutual dislike of Alexis.

Ric and Liz spend a leisurely morning in his hotel room on New Year’s Day. Ric is convinced that Jake is still hung up on her, but she points out that Jake kissed Carly on New Year’s Eve. Ric says he thought she and Ric were about to kiss at Christmas, but she tells Ric that he has nothing to worry about. As they embrace, we see that she’s not so sure. Carly also suspects that Jake would prefer to be with Liz, even though he assures her he knows Liz is with Ric now. The two couples have an awkward run-in in the hotel hallway and we see Liz and Jake looking wistfully after each other.

Jake has more than Liz on his mind: He has another flicker to grabbing Sam which disturbs him a great deal. Carly pressures him to tell her what’s wrong. He reveals Sam’s suspicions of him. Carly thinks it’s ridiculous, but Jake doesn’t understand why he keeps having these flashes of memory about the incident if he wasn’t involved. He goes to talk to Kevin, on her advice, but finds Helena instead.

Fluke orders Carlos to kill Julian. Later, Carlos hesitates before executing Julian and instead talks him into confessing to Anthony Zacchara’s murder. At Pentonville, Sonny hears about it and pressures Julian to tell him who he’s afraid of. Assassins arrive to kill Julian, but they’re defeated with Sonny’s help. Julian admits to Sonny that the person with whom he’s contending has Luke’s face.

Sam questions Nikolas about Faison’s escape with Britt. Nikolas tells her about Spencer’s encounter with Helena. She also questions Obrecht, who admits to being involved, but she never saw Sam’s assailant’s face. Helena admits to Nikolas that she orchestrated Faison’s escape, having owed him for a great favor he’d done her.

Meanwhile, Michael wants to turn the abandoned house on Elm Street into the AJ Quartermaine Clinic. He and Bobbie go to the house to look around. They hear a crash in the basement, which Michael heads downstairs to investigate.

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