GH Recap: Surprising Announcements and Accusations: Week of July 21st

This week was filled with heartache and deception on General Hospital. Patrick was caught off guard by a reporter’s claim that he let Rafe die. Dr. Obrecht ends up firing him. Sam realizes that someone was listening on the roof when she confided in Silas that Patrick had been conflicted about Rafe’s surgery. Sam thinks that it was Nina.

Maxie drops a bomb when she announces that she and Levi are getting married. Mac, Felicia and Nathan react poorly to the news. Mac refuses to give his blessing. Nathan reminds Maxie that marrying someone for a green card is illegal. Maxie, although clearly conflicted, claims that she loves Levi and is going through with the wedding with or without everyone’s blessing. 

Meanwhile, Spencer is still missing while secretly communicating with Britt. They find a note from Spencer that claims he needs time and space. Nik freaks out and calls the police. Britt pretends to be concerned. Across town, Lucy’s world falls apart when she goes to reveal her true feelings to Scott but finds Bobbie in his hotel room. A cat fight ensues and she leaves humiliated.

At the hospital, Morgan comes across Sonny and Ava and heads to the park to clear his head. He meets Rosalie and the two bond over their dysfunctional parents.

Ava manages to bribe a nurse for a phone and calls Julian for help. Julian agrees to help Ava if she will reveal what she has on Sonny. Ava is forced to reveal that Sonny killed AJ. He sends a chopper to come get her and when it arrives on the roof, Mickey is there. He tries to shoot Ava but Julian stops him by telling him that Ava has evidence that can take Sonny down. Julian and Mickey bring Ava back to her penthouse. When Sonny goes to get Ava she has disappeared. Shawn provides video of the escape showing Julian and Mickey’s involvement. Sonny is furious.

After Rafe’s death, Julian confronts Jordan on whether they are selling heroin. Jordan assures Julian that they aren’t. Jordan reveals her new tactic of finding the name of Julian’s boss to Anna. She is going to sleep with Mickey Diamond. Unbeknownst to Jordan, Mickey is on to her and already is questioning TJ about her past. Before their date, Jordan breaks into Mickey’s room hoping to find information and plant a listening device. Shawn arrives with the same idea and they share a kiss.

After agreeing that they aren’t working anymore, Silas and Sam break up.

Nina is thrilled with the news. She visits Franco at work and accidentally drops her revenge list. Nina comes up with an excuse and Franco admits it is none of his business. They share a close moment until Carly interrupts them. Later, Sam informs Patrick that she suspects Nina leaked the information to the press. Patrick reminds Sam that Nina is in a wheelchair but Sam is still not convinced. In order to be sure, she asks Sonny to look at the hospital’s surveillance footage. Back at home, Nina drugs Silas’s drink. 

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