GH Recap: An Explosive Week Filled With Surprises: Week of July 28th

GH Recap: An Explosive Week Filled With Surprises: Week of July 28th

It was an explosive week on General Hospital! In case you missed a moment, do not worry! This recap should get you up to speed in no time. Let's dive right in.

Ava finally tells Julian about the flash drive with the proof that Sonny killed AJ. Ava decides that she needs Franco’s help getting a copy of the recording from Carly. Ava works the angle that this would get Sonny out of the picture for Franco. Franco decides to snoop around in Carly’s laptop but is caught by Spencer. Later, Ava makes a deal with Luke and informs Julian that they are all working together again.

Mickey realizes that Jordan is undercover after finding her recorder. They fight and Jordan ends up with a gun in her hand ready to shoot. Meanwhile, Julian is frantic when Alexis’s lake house is blown up. After finding Alexis and the kids safe and sound, a furious Julian shoots Mickey in retaliation. 

Spencer is still missing and Britt is still pretending to help Nik find him. Spencer has been hiding out in Josslyn’s room. Nik is appreciating Britt’s help and so far her plan is working. Nikolas becomes a wreck and Britt confides to Brad that she wants to tell Nik the truth. Brad raises the question, to Britch or not to Britch?

Britt ends up deciding that she can’t confess the truth about Spencer. Brad suggests that she should rescue Spencer instead.

Nina cozies up to a drugged out Silas. As he gets groggier Nina kisses him…just as Sam opens the door.

Sam is shocked and figures that Silas has moved on. Still investigating who was listening on the roof, Sam goes to Patrick. They decide to make a trip to Nina’s clinic to find proof that she can walk. Meanwhile, a drunk Olivia confides in Ned. Olivia claims that Carly has still not gotten over Sonny. Ned takes her to his room where he puts her to bed, but not before stopping her from saving all of the animals on TV.

Maxie asks Lulu to be her maid of honor. After Lulu questions Maxie’s feelings for Levi, she eventually agrees. Ned overhears Tracy telling Luke that Alice is dying. Ned forces Tracy to do the right thing and tell Alice the truth. Then they learn of another brain dead patient, Mickey Diamond. In one of the most touching moments this week, WWE Superstar David Otunga pays Alice a visit. Alice is beyond thrilled. 

What a crazy week! Can’t wait until Monday? Catch a SNEAK PEEK NOW!