GH Recap: Tragedy and Love Triangles:  Week of July 7th

GH Recap: Tragedy and Love Triangles: Week of July 7th

In case you missed a moment, catch up quickly with this 60 second recap!

The week started out with huge drama. After revealing that someone put him up to the accident, Rafe crashes the car leaving he and Molly injured. Both are rushed to the hospital. Rafe tries to tell Patrick the truth but before he can get the words out he has a seizure. He is rushed into emergency surgery. Molly wakes up and is questioned about what Rafe said in the car. She can barely remember. Alexis puts a stop to the questioning. Julian returns from his trip and comforts Alexis. Meanwhile, the Quartermaines learn that Alice needs a heart transplant.

Patrick is asked to operate on Rafe despite the obvious conflict of interest. While operating he is confronted by his shadow side, which urges him to botch the surgery so that Rafe dies on the table. 

Rafe is pronounced brain-dead and Silas blames Patrick. Sam asks Patrick if he purposely botched the operation and Patrick claims that he did not. Silas vows to make Patrick pay. The only silver lining is that with Rafe brain-dead, Alice may have the heart that she needs. Nina comforts Silas and plays on his grief. Later, alone with Rafe and reveling in her latest victory, Nina is shocked when Rafe wakes up and grabs her hand.

Ava and Delia stage a fight in front of Sonny. Delia sneaks into Sonny’s office to find the incriminating flash drive. She is caught by Olivia who calls Sonny.

Sonny has Shawn return Delia to New York and takes away Ava’s phone. Shawn, out for a nighttime job runs into Jordan. They have a heated argument that ends in a fleeting moment of passion before Sonny’s call. Later, Jordan informs Anna about a new face in town, Mickey Diamond, who is controlling the flow of information. Jordan runs into Mickey in the park and he asks her out to dinner.


Maxie and Nathan wake up still handcuffed together. Their close moment is interrupted by Levi who announces that the charges against him have been dropped. He is relieved that that the police did not run his name because his visa is expired. Nathan points out that he is a cop and Maxie begs Nathan to not say anything. Maxie and Nathan complain to Dante and Lulu about spending the night together. Dante and Lulu think they both are protesting too much. 

Later, Immigration shows up and a furious Maxie is certain that Nathan is the one who told them about Levi.

Across town, Felix crashes on Lucas’s couch after drinking too much. In the morning they share a moment that is interrupted by Brad. Lucas seeks advice from Lulu about his romantic troubles. Lulu tells him to follow his heart. Felix and Brad argue over Lucas and it turns into a quick moment of passion that Lucas walks in on. Furious, Lucas walks away leaving Felix and Brad not knowing which one he chose.

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