GH Recap: Scheming & Scandal: Week of June 16th

GH Recap: Scheming & Scandal: Week of June 16th

In case you missed a moment, catch up quickly with this 60 second recap!

GH Recap: Scheming & Scandal- Week of June 16th|GH Recap: Scheming & Scandal- Week of June 16th|General Hospital Recap: Scheming & Scandal - Week of June 16th



This week started out on a very sad note. Patrick and Sabrina put Gabriel to rest. Sabrina’s cousin Juan invites her to come to Puerto Rico and she takes him up on his offer. Patrick supports her decision to go but tells her to come back soon. If you missed their emotional goodbye you can catch it now:

Patrick & Sabrina Say Goodbye|Patrick & Sabrina say goodbye for now.|Patrick & Sabrina say goodbye after Gabriel's funeral.


Nina is left alone with Rafe and quickly realizes that he is using drugs. Nina agrees to not tell Silas and Rafe swears that he is done with drugs. He leaves to attend Gabriel’s funeral. Sam and Nina finally meet and awkward does not even begin to describe it. Silas walks in and Nina informs him that Sam wants her out of his apartment. Silas gets upset by this but later takes Sam out on a romantic date to show her that she is still his priority. Nina claims to be happy for them but after they leave throws her wheelchair aside and goes nuts. You can't miss this scene!

Nina's Wheelchair Breakdown|An angry Nina throws her wheelchair aside.|Angry that Silas is out on a date with Sam, Nina takes out her rage on her wheelchair.


Things turned physical when Levi accuses Nathan of having feelings for Maxie. Things escalate and Levi throws a punch. In case you missed it catch it now:

Nathan & Levi Fight Over Maxie|Nathan tells Levi that Maxie ate his meat.|Nathan tells Levi that Maxie ate his meat and liked it.


Maxie’s custody hearing continues and Nathan is summoned to appear.  The judge has reason to believe that Nathan was lying and wants him to make his statement under oath. Before Nathan can lie, Maxie jumps up and tells the judge that she was the liar. The judge makes his ruling and denies Maxie visitation rights for another six months. Maxie is devastated.



Meanwhile, Sonny confronts Anna about Ric’s death. Anna keeps to her story. Later, Sonny confronts Julian about Ric’s death. Julian warns Sonny that he is not the enemy, Ava is. Sonny tells Julian to stay away from Ava but will not say why. Meanwhile, everyone is trying to figure out why Ava is staying with Sonny. Morgan goes to Michael who is sympathetic. Kiki confronts her mother about the situation and is furious when Ava lies to her.

Across town, Franco moves into Carly’s place and Josslyn and Morgan are not happy with the new arrangement. Josslyn throws a fit and Morgan moves.  Molly is furious with her mother over her father’s death and decides to take refuge at Sam’s place.  Jordan pressures Julian to tell her who the big boss is but he will not reveal who it is. Tracy returns from her honeymoon early, furious that Luke turned out to be the pervert everyone had said he was. She apologizes to Michael and Kiki but later we see that it was all part of her plan with Luke to get back ELQ. On a happy note, Lulu decides to try to carry a baby and tells Dante. 

Lulu Tells Dante Her Decision|Lulu has an announcement for Dante.|Lulu announces to Dante that she wants to carry their child.


This week was full of surprises! What were your favorite moments?

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