GH Recap: Secrets, Scandal and Tragedy: Week of June 2nd

GH Recap: Secrets, Scandal and Tragedy: Week of June 2nd

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This week was full of sadness and surprises on General Hospital. Lucas is still recovering and Felix and Brad get into it over who should be at his bedside. Felix wins. Nik goes to visit Liz who is miserable after Ric’s arrest. Instead of rubbing it in, he is a supportive friend. She had hoped that Ric was not guilty but now believes that he is after reading the paper. Alexis tells Molly that her father was responsible for Lucas’s shooting and Molly does not take it well. She refuses to believe it and blames Julian for Ric’s arrest.

Nathan takes the fall for Maxie at her custody hearing which makes Levi suspect that they have something more than a friendship going on. Maxie denies it but we can see that she is not sure. 

Meanwhile, Sonny drags Ava into General Hospital for a pregnancy test. The results are positive but whether the father is Sonny or Morgan is still a mystery. Ava knows that Sonny will not kill her as long as she is pregnant.  A furious Sonny makes Ava move in with him so that he can watch her every move. Morgan, ready to forgive Ava, arrives at Sonny’s house and is outraged that Ava lives there.

Danny’s birthday party turned out to have a surprise guest- Nina Clay. She had come out of her 20 year coma and has come back for her husband Silas. Everyone was stunned. In cased you missed it, catch it now. 

Nina is Back|There is a surprise guest at Danny's birthday party: Nina Clay.|Danny's birthday party has an unexpected guest: Nina Clay.


Silas takes Nina to his place where she makes it clear that she would like to pick up where they left off.  Silas waits for the right time to tell Nina about Sam but they keep getting interrupted. Meanwhile, Sam throws a fit in the park over Nina’s return and what it means for her relationship with Silas.

Tragedy also struck Port Charles this week. Sadly, Patrick and Sabrina’s baby Gabriel took a turn for the worst. They shared a very emotional goodbye with their son. If you missed the moment you can catch it now.

Patrick & Sabrina Say Goodbye to Gabriel|Patrick & Sabrina say goodbye to Gabriel.|Patrick & Sabrina say goodbye to their son Gabriel.


Felix takes Sabrina home and comforts her while Liz comforts Patrick. After Felix goes to bed Sabrina sits in the dark.

This was a very intense week on General Hospital. What was your favorite moment?