GH Recap: Shocking Discoveries & Secrets: Week of June 30th

In case you missed a moment, catch up quickly with this 60 second recap!

The claws quickly came out this week on General Hospital. After threats were thrown around, Carly warns Ava that she will be keeping an eye on her. Carly denies Ava’s accusations that she is still into Sonny. Later, Ava invites someone to Port Charles.

Sonny and Carly share a hug that ends in a lingering moment. Meanwhile, Franco is having awful luck winning over Josslyn. When Carly returns home, Franco is bothered that she was with Sonny. Carly is irritated and they argue. Carly assures Franco that Sonny is not a threat. Later, Carly runs into Sonny at the park and the two share an embrace that Franco witnesses. Franco demands to know why Sonny has his hands on Carly. Carly jumps to Sonny’s defense explaining that they were talking about how much she cares for Franco. Franco tells Sonny that he knows Sonny murdered A.J. and if Sonny knows what is good for him, he will keep his distance from Carly. After he storms off, Carly assures Sonny that Franco would never tell anyone and was just upset. Later, Franco shows up at Michael’s office asking if they can chat.

Across town, Nina sits with her nurse and goes over her plan for revenge on Silas and other Port Charles residents.

 Meanwhile, Silas is on a romantic date with Sam. Sam, declaring her love for Silas removes her wedding ring. In case you missed it, you can catch it now:

Their romantic date is interrupted by Nina who has fallen and can’t get up. Silas rushes home leaving Sam alone. In case you missed Nina’s Oscar winning performance for Silas watch it here:

Patrick arrives and Sam confides that she is suspicious of Nina. Later, Sam & Patrick go back to the scene of the car accident to look for evidence. They discover some black paint and track down the body shop where the car was repaired. Sam is shocked when she learns who the vehicle belongs to. VIDEO:

Nathan accuses Levi of tipping off the judge at Maxie’s hearing. Levi claims that Nathan has no proof.  Maxie defends Levi while Nathan vows to prove that Levi does not have Maxie’s best interests at heart.

At GH, Obrecht comes up with a plan for Britt to win Nikolas back. Catch the hilarious presentation now:

Britt, trying to win points with Nik, gives Liz her job back. Obrecht plans to burn out Liz with overtime so that Britt can swoop in and win Nik back. Franco comes to Obrecht asking for a job. Obrecht, a big fan of his art, agrees. Alexis gave Molly the envelope containing Ric’s personal belongings. Molly and her mother share a close moment as Molly breaks down. Despite their breakthrough, Molly isn’t ready to move home yet.

So many cliffhangers! Can’t wait until Monday? Catch a SNEAK PEEK NOW!