GH Recap: Handcuffs & Fireworks: Week of June 30th

GH Recap: Handcuffs & Fireworks: Week of June 30th

In case you missed a moment, catch up quickly with this 60 second recap!

This week started off with a bang on General Hospital!  Ava’s houseguest turns out to be her mother, Delia Ryan Coleridge. Delia wastes no time making herself at home. Sonny seems less than thrilled but quickly realizes that Ava has invited Delia to drive him nuts and plays along. Check out Delia’s grand entrance.

Later, Ava later reveals to Delia that Sonny is planning on killing her after she gives birth. Ava tells her that the only way she will stay alive is to get her hands on the audio recording that incriminates Sonny.

Franco is about to reveal to Michael that Sonny killed AJ but before he can Carly arrives. She is furious that Franco would tell Michael something like that just out of jealousy. Franco promises to never cross that line again. Over at ELQ, Alice catches Tracy in Michael’s office and realizes that she is up to no good. Alice tries to call Michael to warn him but has a heart attack before she can get the words out.

Silas takes Nina to General Hospital for physical therapy. Nina quickly reveals to her therapist after slapping him that she does not need the therapy. She pays him off to go along with her plan. Meanwhile, Lulu finds out that the operation was a success and she can now carry an embryo to term.

Patrick and Sam have located the car that killed Patrick’s son. The car belongs to Silas. They go to the hospital to question him and after Silas is ruled out as a suspect, Sam realizes that Rafe is most likely the person who was driving.  Rafe overhears this and goes on the run. He stops by Silas’s house and catches Nina out of her wheelchair.  Nina makes a deal with him. She will give him some money and stay quiet about his whereabouts if Rafe stays quiet about her wheelchair charade. He takes the money and leaves. Molly catches Rafe about to go and gets in the car with him. A high speed chase ensues.

Morgan & Kiki’s brownstone renovation project is interrupted by Maxie and Levi’s protest. Michael gives them a chance to leave but they refuse. The police are called and Levi is taken away on trespassing charges. Maxie struggles with Nathan and ends up getting handcuffed to him. The key is lost and they share a brief intimate moment.

The week literally ended in fireworks.  Silas stays with Nina while Patrick keeps his promise to Emma and takes her to the park. Maxie and Nathan, still handcuffed together, walk through the park and share a moment while watching the show. Alexis runs into TJ and they end up watching the fireworks together.  Britt uses Spencer into manipulating Nik into asking her to the fireworks. Britt reminds Nik that they met there last year and Nik ends up with his arm around her.

What a way to end a week!  Can’t wait until Monday? Catch a Sneak Peek Now!