GH Recap: Drama and Deception: Week of June 9th

GH Recap: Drama and Deception: Week of June 9th

General Hospital was full of twists and turns this week.  Catch up quickly with this 60 second recap!


Luke threatens to harm Sam if Julian does not start moving drugs again. Julian has no choice but to agree. Anna tells Jordan that with Ric behind bars she can drop her cover. Jordan considers it but when she runs into Julian she tells him they are back in business. Jordan is surprised to find out that Ric has been framed from Julian and Duke is furious with Anna for releasing Julian. 

Liz comes around and helps Molly in her crusade to prove that Ric is innocent. At the PCPD shots are fired and Anna comes back with awful news. Ric is dead. As a body bag is wheeled through the shock sets in. Then we see Anna unzip the bag and Ric is alive.

Anna has a plan to keep Ric's family safe while revealing who Julian’s boss is. Anna disguises Ric and takes him somewhere where he can hide out.

It has been quite a week for Nina. First she learns from Silas that Kiki is his daughter with Ava. Nathan finds out that Nina is alive from Sam and runs to her. The two catch up on the last twenty years. Nina expresses her gratitude to Silas with a kiss.

Silas tells Nina about Sam and Nina does not take it well. Nina blames her mother for all of it and insists on moving in with Nathan right away. Silas tells her to stay with him and convinces her that Sam will understand.

Morgan is horrified to learn that Sonny and Ava are moving in together. He wishes Ava luck with her baby and storms out. Ava is furious that Sonny is keeping her there. Meanwhile, the Britch is back. After Britt witnesses Liz and Nik sharing a close moment she is encouraged by Brad to fight for him. Nik blows her off at the hospital so she takes it out on Liz.

Later, Britt runs into him later and Nik extends some nice words. Britt thinks that there is hope for them. Desperate, she turns to her mother, Dr. Obrecht, for help.

Levi and Maxie have been on the rocks and it did not get any better this week. They have a fight during yoga over baby Gabriel's death. Maxie runs to Nathan who calms her down and they have a moment over some ribs at the Floating Rib. 

What a week on GH! If you can't wait until Monday get a DOUBLE Sneak Peek HERE!