GH Recap: Avery's Custody Battle Continues: Week of March 2nd

GH Recap: Avery's Custody Battle Continues: Week of March 2nd

Another gripping week in Port Charles! Avery’s custody hearing is in full swing and things are getting heated. Now that it is Ric’s turn to ask the questions, he tears Michael to shreds.

Suddenly, the judge is replaced with Judge Walters. Alexis is suspicious and asks Michael what he did, but Michael advises her not to ask questions. Carly takes the stand and testifies that while Michael will make a wonderful father someday, he is not fit to be a parent at the moment. Suddenly, Carly remembers how she knows the judge: He’s Monica’s boyfriend and must be in cahoots with Michael. Judge Walters rules in favor of Michael demanding that Sonny turn Avery over to the Quartermaines. Later, Michael shows up at Sonny’s house with authorities and Avery is not there. Michael demands they arrest Sonny.

Meanwhile, Liz confides in Jake that her relationship with Ric is falling apart. Jake wonders if he and Liz stand a chance. Sloane interrupts and once alone, tells Jake that he has convinced the DA to drop the charges. There is a catch – Jake must go undercover and infiltrate the Jerome’s organization. Jake takes the deal.

At Shadybrook, Franco reveals to Nina that his LSD induced episode was a fake out. Nina, fresh from a fake -out herself, is mad that Franco allowed her to sacrifice her freedom. Franco manages to talk his way back into her heart.  Later, Luke attacks Scott at his arraignment and ends up at Shadybrook. When Franco learns that Luke attacked Scott, he tries to smother him with a pillow until Nina intervenes. Luke suggest they work together to escape. Nina resists but Franco convinces her to go along with it.

Sam visits Nikolas and Spencer in Boston. Just as Nikolas is about to tell her the truth about Jake, a nurse interrupts explaining that Spencer needs him.

Ava’s memorial is being held at Ryan’s bar in NYC. Ava overhears this and that Avery will be in attendance. She sneaks out and spies from outside. She listens to her family and friends give touching eulogies. After everyone leaves, she makes her presence known to Delia. Delia convinces Ava not to run off with the baby. 

 Later, Silas reveals that Ava is dying!

Spinelli is still causing a huge stir in Port Charles. Nathan is furious after finding Spinelli and Maxie kissing. Maxie swears that it was one sided.

Later, Spinelli arrives at Tracy’s with new information about Pat that may finally yield answers on Luke.

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