GH Recap: Jake's Wife Returns to Port Charles: Week of March 23rd

GH Recap: Jake's Wife Returns to Port Charles: Week of March 23rd

Jake is stunned when his wife Hayden shows up in Port Charles. Liz isn’t buying her story and has questions and wants proof. Hayden explains that she and Jake were camping and he ran off after a fight and never returned. She thought that he had left her. After she saw Jake in the newspaper she did some research and realized that it was her husband.

Later, Hayden meets with the person who hired her to play the part – Ric. Ric gives her the proof that she needs and is confident that she can pry Jake & Liz apart. He gives her a briefcase filled with documents and photos to prove that she is married to Jake.  Hayden shows Jake the proof and slips a wedding ring on his finger. She kisses him just as Carly and Liz open the door.

Meanwhile, while Luke holds a gun on Valerie, Tracy and Lulu ask her if her mother ever mentioned Luke. Valerie says that her mother claimed to be an only child. After Valerie gets rid of them, Luke knocks something over and Tracy hears the noise. Valerie quickly explains that it was a cat.

Later, Tracy is suspicious that Valerie was lying to them. At the same time Valerie is begging Luke to leave, but he is staying put until he’s satisfied that she has told him the full truth about Patricia.Later, Dante & Lulu return to Pat’s house and find Valerie on the floor. She tells them that Luke did this and reveals that her mother isn’t really dead. Patricia is sick but alive.


Across town, Maxie is stunned that Nathan knocked out Spinelli. She is furious with Nathan even though the match was Spinelli’s idea. Maxie admits that she loves them both and Nathan storms out.

In other news, Sam & Patrick come home early and catch Alexis & Julian on the couch getting busy.

The humiliating incident leads Patrick to suggest that Sam & Danny move in with him and Emma. Sam needs to think about it. In the interim, Julian invites Alexis to move in with him. Alexis isn’t ready, mainly because of Molly.

It was also an exciting week for Nina and Franco. After their court hearings, they are both free to go. Franco has an idea of how they can both stay at the Metro Court. Later when Olivia refuses their request, Franco threatens to tell Julian that he’s the father of her baby.

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