GH Recap: Shocking News & Heated Vendettas: Week of March 9th

This week started off with very sad news.  Silas reveals to Ava that she has advanced lymphoma and does not have much longer to live.  Ava breaks down in his arms.

Ava asks Silas to raise Avery when she passes away. 

Meanwhile, the feud between Michael and Sonny is just getting worse. Michael demands that Sonny is arrested. Kiki and Morgan arrive with Avery. Morgan quickly covers for Sonny. Later, Michael announces that Avery’s middle name is Jerome…and he’s going to call her AJ. Michael leaves and later hires Sabrina to be Avery’s nanny.

Across town, Nathan and Maxie argue over whether to break up. They share a makeup kiss just as Spinelli walks in.  Spinelli is shocked and vows that it’s not over between he and Maxie.

Maxie receives a call that Georgie is in the ER. Lucas reports that while Georgie spiked a fever, she is on the mend…however he would like to keep her at the hospital overnight. Nathan rushes to the hospital to find Maxie and Spinelli bonding over Georgie.

At Shadybrook, Nina decides to go along with Franco & Luke’s escape plan. Franco distracts the guard while Nina helps Luke out of his restraints.  Luke & Nina run into a guard and Luke threatens to hurt Nina if the guard doesn’t get out of his way. The guard draws a stun gun and Nina gets tasered while Luke makes his getaway. 

Later, Lulu informs Tracy that Luke has escaped from Shadybrook.  Lulu leaves to try to find out answers while Michael returns home with Avery.  Meanwhile, as Jake needs to maintain the cover that he’s not welcome at the Metro Court, Carly brings him home with her. When Carly presses Jake about his relationship with Liz, Jake admits that he doesn’t know what the future holds until things are settled between Liz & Ric.

The mob war is in full effect. Julian and Carlos realize that they need to eliminate Duke after his assault.  Meanwhile, Sonny and Duke want to take out Jordan.  Jordan receives a visit from Duke who instructs her to kill Julian.  What a tangled web! 

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