Recap: GH Week of May 19th

This week was full of surprises and shocking twists. Luke is upset about Julian quitting the mob. To send a message, Luke hires an assassin to kill a family member of Julian’s. Everyone is gathered at the dinner party that Julian has called to make his big announcement about leaving the mob. Out of nowhere a waiter shoots Lucas, hitting him in the shoulder. Lucas is rushed to the hospital. Lucas is critical but still alive. Luke attempts to kill Lucas off once and for all at the hospital but is interrupted when Bobbie walks in.

Anna and Dante bust Julian’s drug shipment. Anna arrests Julian. She then learns that Jordan is an undercover DEA agent. Jordan is furious that Anna has blown her operation. Anna has a plan that will involve the two of them working together as a team. As part of their plan, Anna arrests Jordan.

Maxie receives a notice to appear in court. Her six month ban from seeing Georgie is almost up. Maxie throws the notice away and blows up at Nathan when he questions her about it. After Nathan leaves, Maxie looks at a picture of Georgie and her true emotions show. She digs the court notice out of the trash.

Meanwhile, Franco and Carly have traveled to Portland to see Spinelli with AJ’s broken phone. Spinelli is thrilled to help. He unscrambles the message which has proof that Ava killed Connie. Carly decides to not go to the police. She wants to take the message to Sonny instead. States away, Sonny tells Ava that Julian is in jail now and it is safe for her to return to Port Charles.

In other news, Silas receives flowers that were not from Sam. Sam and Silas figure that it is was crazy Ava. Duke announces to Sonny that he is leaving the organization. Now that Julian Jerome has been taken down, he must keep his promise to Anna. Julian is furious with Jordan for letting the shipment get busted. He reminds Scott that the only reason he’s the DA is because of Julian. Scott arranges for Julian’s release. Kevin meets up with Lucy and announces that he wants a divorce. She can’t talk him out of it. She blames Scott for the end of her marriage.

Another exciting week! What was your favorite moment?