Recap: GH Week of May 26th

Recap: GH Week of May 26th

What a drama filled week on General Hospital! Carly plays the recording on AJ’s phone for Sonny. He is horrified to learn that AJ was innocent and that Ava killed Connie. He tells Carly that he is going to kill Ava and heads to Puerto Rico. Sonny confronts Ava and she tries to talk her way out of it. Just as he is about to shoot, Ava drops the bombshell that she is pregnant. 

Sonny does not believe her and decides to take her back to Port Charles to a doctor for confirmation. Meanwhile at General Hospital, Julian is afraid that Luke will kill Lucas. Luke tells Julian that he has two options. Either he comes back to the mob or he can rat Luke out and suffer the consequences. To cover for the many lies that Tracy has caught him in, Luke surprises Tracy with a spontaneous honeymoon. He has one stop to make before they leave. Later, we see Luke come face to face with an imprisoned Luke. The fake Luke informs the real Luke that he has stolen his life and married Tracy. When the real Luke asks who he is, he refuses to answer.

 Patrick and Sabrina finally give their new born son the name Gabriel Drake Santiago.

After a romantic date, Ric and Liz sleep together. 

Later, Anna pays Ric a visit accusing him of being a mob boss. When she searches his room she finds the gun that was used to shoot Lucas. Ric is arrested and Liz is upset, convinced that Ric is being framed. 

What a week! And the drama is only just beginning. What was your favorite part?