Recap: GH Week of May 5th

Recap: GH Week of May 5th


This week was so eventful that we had to do two recaps, one dedicated to the drama with Ava and Sonny and the other to the amazing performances at the Nurses’ Ball. The week started out on a rocky note with Julian about to shoot Ava over her betrayal. Morgan knocks Julian out and saves Ava’s life.  Ava begs for Morgan’s forgiveness but he is not ready. Julian regains consciousness with Ava standing over him ready to shoot. Shawn arrives to take Ava into hiding and convinces her not to shoot Julian. Ava backs off and Julian tells Shawn that Ava killed Olivia. Shawn asks if this is true and Ava confirms it. Shawn threatens to go to Sonny and Ava tells him that if he does, she will go to the police with the news that Sonny killed AJ.  She leaves with Shawn to the go to the island.

Meanwhile, Olivia finds out from Alexis that Ava cheated on Morgan. Olivia puts two and two together and when Sonny arrives she confronts him. He admits that he did sleep with Ava but it meant nothing. Olivia falls apart and tells him that it is over.

Franco and Carly are excited about having AJ’s phone with the audio recording of his final moments. Carly thinks that they will now have evidence against Ava. When they go to play the tape, the recording is bad and they can only make out bits of it. Franco suggests that they go to the police with the phone. Carly refuses, knowing that if they turned in the phone, Sonny would be arrested for murder. They take the phone and leave town to find someone who can help them decipher the recording. 

Nurses Ball

Now let’s change course and talk about the Nurses’ Ball. Obrecht crashes the rehearsal wanting to sing in the show. Lucy denies her request and Obrecht is not pleased. Maxie and Nathan argue over Levi’s controlling ways. Levi convinces Maxie to not attend the Nurses Ball.

Liz goes with Ric to the Ball and Nik is disappointed. Spencer is upset when he finds out that Cameron and Emma are going together. Scott and Bobbie go together after Scott convinces her that it is not to make Lucy jealous. Lucy’s guilt over her infidelity gets to her during rehearsal.

The ball starts and everyone looks stunning. Sam trips on the red carpet but everything else goes smoothly. The Ball starts and the nurses take the stage for the opening performance. Suddenly Obrecht appears with a band of dancers and steals the show. 

The performances continue and Luke wows the crowd singing “I Am What I Am.”  Britt decides to attend the ball and so do Nik and Spencer. Luke and Tracy get married right there at the Nurses’ Ball in front of everyone.  Maxie convinces Levi to go to the Ball. Olivia refuses to speak to Sonny despite his attempts to reconcile.

Ned Ashton takes the stage giving an amazing performance. Kiki Jerome & Friends rock the house as well with the song "Raise Your Glass." Magic Milo & the Magic Wands gave a jaw dropping striptease that had the crowd going wild. What a high note to end the week on! Monday cannot come soon enough.