GH Recap: Danger & Betrayal: Week of November 10th

GH Recap: Danger & Betrayal: Week of November 10th

It was a huge week on General Hospital as the wedding aftermath continued. Just as Michael is about to kill his father, Morgan & Dante arrive in the nick of time. They arrest Sonny and take him to jail. Sonny tries to apologize to Michael but Michael does not want to hear it.

Kiki arrives and is very relieved that Michael didn’t kill Sonny. Michael is livid with both Kiki and Carly for keeping the truth from him. He storms out and ends up running into Rosalie where they end up drinking and making out. Rosalie admits that she was hired by Nina to sleep with him but she refused. They end up having sex and Kiki walks in on them.

Across town, Carly tries to escape the room that Franco locked her in with Shawn, Jordan & Heather. Franco arrives and tells them that the door is rigged with a bomb if they try to escape. Dante and Nathan arrive on the scene not knowing what they are about to walk into. They open the door and luckily Franco was full of it and no explosion takes place. Dante takes Carly home and updates her about Sonny’s arrest.  Later, Carly discovers a DVD that Franco left behind stating his ultimate revenge will be the knowledge that Carly will always be looking over her shoulder for him for the rest of her life.

At the PCPD, Sonny wants out of jail to look for the baby. Duke is thrown in jail with him and later on in the day, Carly is arrested. In jail, Carly and Sonny lament the loss of Michael. Carly blames Franco but Sonny blames himself. Carly admits that she loves Sonny. Sonny is worried that he will never see Michael again.

At GH, Silas is forced to sedate Ava who is hysterical. Julian visits her in the hospital and she wants to find out where Nina is. Julian stops her. Meanwhile, Nina plans a family reunion with Silas and the baby. Madeline plays along but fakes the call to Silas inviting him. Madeline tries to coax Nina into signing over her fortune but doesn’t succeed and Nina knocks her unconscious.

Franco arrives to say goodbye and learns that Obrecht plans to give Nathan the location of Nina and the baby.  Franco is torn between making his escape or helping Nina. He chooses to help Nina get out of town. Franco, Nina and the baby end up in a secluded part of Canada where Franco has a studio. When Madeline wakes up, she tells Nathan & Obrecht that it was Franco who helped Nina escape with the baby.

Patrick shows up at the Quartermaine house to see Larry who denies knowing anything about Luke or Jerry. Later, Larry places a call to Jerry and is not the drunkard he appears to be.  Later at General Hospital, Patrick tells Sam that he is suspicious of Larry. Meanwhile, Jason accepts Liz’s invitation to stay at her place when he is released from GH.

Across town, Britt and Nikolas are enjoying a leisurely morning at home when they are surprised by Agent Sloane. He informs them that he is looking into the WSB. Agent Sloane confirms that Obrecht’s assertions are correct. Faison was most likely murdered by Anna and Robert.  The committee intends on pursing a case against Anna and they need Britt’s help to do it.

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