GH Recap: Verdicts & Vengeance: Week of November 17th

GH Recap: Verdicts & Vengeance: Week of November 17th

What an exciting week on General Hospital!  After Sonny’s arrest, Michael requests that Sonny turn over the recording that exonerates AJ of Connie’s murder. Sonny agrees. Sonny tasks Shawn with getting the recording from AJ’s murder and giving it to Michael, which Diane is not happy about. Sonny says he refuses to use it for his own gain.

Later, the judge denies Carly bail. Sonny, seeing what his actions have done to the people he cares about, decides to make a deal. Sonny tells Carly that he has pled guilty in exchange for the charges against her and Duke being dropped.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Larry must cover when Alice overhears him on a call with Jerry. Larry advises Ned and Tracy to unseat Michael from his position as CEO of ELQ. Later, Michael arrives and announces that from here on out he’ll go by the last name Quartermaine. Michael asserts his claim on the Quartermaine name, which greatly pleases Monica. She wishes AJ were still alive because Michael’s giving him the greatest gift. After Shawn delivers the recording, Monica and Michael are emotional while listening to the moment Sonny shot AJ and Monica is stunned by Ava’s confession to the murder of Connie.

Across town, Jake moves into Elizabeth’s house. Sam and Patrick drop off Cameron and learn of Jake’s new living situation. Jake gets to know Cameron. Later, Sam accompanies Patrick back to the hospital, where he is about to learn the board’s decision about his job. Obrecht delivers the news that Patrick is reinstated at the hospital.

Later, Sam and Patrick overhear Larry on the phone with Jerry, saying that he will pick up something from the safety deposit box at the bank tomorrow. Sam tells Patrick to distract Larry while she makes a copy of the key. They hope this will lead to answers about Luke. Later, Sam and Patrick update Lulu on the Larry situation. They explain that they managed to procure a copy of Larry’s safe deposit key, and need Lulu to stall him at the Quartermaines’ while they go to the bank.  Meanwhile, Larry, the original key in hand, makes another call to Jerry. After being delayed by a family breakfast Tracy has planned, Larry is finally able to extricate himself… only to run into Lulu, as across town, Sam and Patrick head to the bank. Lulu tries to keep Larry busy while Sam and Patrick break into his safe deposit box. They discover a file on Faison.

Agent Sloane tries to enlist Britt in his efforts to bring Anna to justice but Britt declines. Meanwhile, Anna and Obrecht have another run-in, first over Obrecht’s involvement with Nina’s escape, and then again over Faison’s whereabouts. Later, Agent Sloane seeks out Obrecht and makes a proposition. Obrecht works on Britt to get her to cooperate in the Agent Sloane’s investigation of Anna. Obrecht pulls out the big guns, threatening to expose Britt’s role in Spencer’s disappearance to Nik. Finally, Britt agrees to help bring Anna down. Britt surprises Nikolas by announcing that she intends to help Agent Sloane in his case against Anna. 

Meanwhile, Kiki is upset with Ava for killing Connie. Ava tries to wiggle out of it, but Kiki informs her that Morgan heard her say it on tape. Ava sends Kiki off to try to find out where the police are in finding her baby. Kiki runs into Anna as Michael gives her the recording. Later when Anna storms into Ava’s room to arrest her, Ava is gone. Michael is enraged with Kiki for allowing Ava to escape the hospital but Kiki insists that she didn’t know her mother was trying to get away.

Ava asks Silas to hide her at his apartment. She claims that Sonny’s men are still after her. Silas agrees to let Ava stay with him. She hides the morning paper leaving Silas in the dark about her involvement in Connie’s murder.      

Meanwhile, Jordan and Shawn finally tell TJ the truth about his father’s death. Years earlier, Jordan and Shawn had an affair while Thomas was serving overseas. After Shawn questioned TJ’s paternity, Thomas discovered the truth and attacked him. Shawn shot Thomas in self-defense. To protect TJ’s memory of Thomas, Shawn let the army assume Thomas was killed by friendly fire during a hostile raid. TJ questions if it is possible that Shawn is his father. Shawn assures him that a DNA test was run and that’s not the case… but it’s obvious that Jordan is hiding something.

Later, Anna brings Julian to her office for questioning. She’s convinced that Julian had a role in Ava’s disappearance. Julian is completely thrown when Anna informs him that Ava killed Connie Falconeri. Anna keeps Julian in a holding cell for 48 hrs. Olivia confronts Julian about Connie’s murder, and demands to know where Ava is.  Julian swears that he didn’t know that Ava killed Connie and that he has no idea of her location. Olivia doesn’t believe him… but Lucas tells Julian that he does. Lucas suggests that Julian get Alexis to serve as his legal counsel. Alexis arrives and demands the truth. Julian tells Alexis that he works for Luke – but also that Luke is not Luke.

Anna, returns to her office and finds Obrecht, who informs Anna that she’s about to go down for Faison’s murder. Agent Sloane advises Anna to get a lawyer, but Anna points out that that won’t be necessary, as Faison is alive.

Anna reveals where she and Scorpio stowed him away - a prison of her making in the catacombs beneath Wyndemere. Later when the go to the find him, Faison is gone. Meanwhile, Luke tries to escape Miscavige. He gets out of his straitjacket and opens the door to his room, only to be impeded by Fluke.

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