GH Recap: Holiday Madness: Week of November 24th

GH Recap: Holiday Madness: Week of November 24th

It is Thanksgiving week in Port Charles and some are more thankful than others. Last week Luke almost escaped until he was stopped by Fluke. This week Fluke marches Luke at gunpoint back into his cell. Fluke tells Luke all about how Tracy traded her ELQ shares to try to save Luke but instead ended up with Larry Ashton at her front door. Luke asks if Larry is the real “Fluke.”

Sam & Patrick bring the file that they found on Faison to Lulu and Tracy. They are confused, wondering what all of this has to do with Larry or Jerry. Inside they find a notation that says he is a Wyndemere and a photo of the mask of Duke that Faison wore. Tracy wonders is someone made a mask of Luke. Larry arrives and they change the subject.

Across town, Alexis is still getting over the shock from what Julian told her about the other Luke Spencer. She demands to know who the other Luke is but Julian insists that he doesn’t know. Julian is forced to reveal that Ric is innocent.


Alexis is stunned and wants to tell Molly. She arranges for Julian’s release and together they head to Luke’s cell. They are stunned when they cross paths with Helena. They race to Luke’s cell and discover Luke. Luke tells them the story of the double. Alexis tells Luke that they believe his story. She gets Luke to agree to go to the police station but they end up surprising the Quartermaines instead.

Meanwhile, Anna is shocked that Faison is gone. Obrecht thinks that it is a trick but Anna swears that Faison must have escaped. Later, we see that Faison is safe and sound on the pier. Later, Obrecht arrives at Wyndemere and asks Britt is she knows anything about what the agent is doing to find Faison. Faison is outside watching through a window. Helena tells him that it wouldn’t be wise for Faison to reveal his presence. As everyone moves to the other room for dinner, Faison and Obrecht share a reunion in the living room. 

Meanwhile, Sonny and Duke have a meeting at Pentonville. Sonny announces that in exchange for pleading guilty, the charges against Duke and Carly have been dropped. Sonny asks Duke to run the operation while he is in prison. Duke agrees on the condition that he can hand it back to Sonny if he is released.

Liz tells Jake that she needs his help getting Thanksgiving together.  Meanwhile, Patrick talks Sam into joining him at Liz’s for the holiday. Later, Jake answers the door to Helena. Helena claims that she is a family friend of Liz’s. He goes to get Liz but when they return, Helena is gone. Later, as everyone is sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner, Helena watches from the window.

Carly visits Sonny in prison. Carly tells him that Michael moved back in with the Quartermaines and changed his name.

Sonny tells Carly to go home and be with her family on Thanksgiving. Anna also receives a visit from Duke. He confronts her about hiding Faison and claims that if he can forgive her then she can forgive him. 

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