GH Recap: Reveals, Resentments and Revenge: Week of November 3rd

The wedding aftermath continued this week on GH. After declining to marry Carly and calling her a lying, cheating whore, Franco claims to have proof of her infidelity. Franco plays the tape of Carly admitting that she slept with Sonny in front of Michael. Carly suddenly realizes what else is on the tape…Sonny confessing to AJ’s murder. She begs Franco to not go through with it, but Franco does and Michael is furious.

Franco's Wedding Surprise #2 - Sonny Killed AJ Everyone|Michael watches Sonny admit that he killed AJ.|After calling Carly a whore and declining to marry her, Franco plays the tape of Sonny & Carly’s affair. Carly realizes that Sonny's murder confession is on the tape and begs Franco to not go through with it. Franco does, and Michael watches Sonny admit that he killed AJ.

Michael turns on Carly, screaming at her before storming out to find and kill Sonny. Carly is enraged that Franco felt the need to hurt Michael over her wrongdoings. Franco points out that hurting Michael was the best way to get back at Sonny and Carly. Scott is thrilled to finally have evidence to bring down Sonny.

Sonny, now aware of Ava’s location goes to kill her. Morgan now knowing that Ava killed Connie says that he doesn’t care. As they are about to leave they hear a gunshot and find Max lying on the ground. Sonny and Morgan rush Max to the hospital. He is unable to remember the shooter (it was Heather Webber) leaving Sonny to wonder if Ava was trying to strike first. Once the doctor tells Sonny that Max is going to be okay, Sonny leaves to kill Ava.

Carly goes to search for Michael and is accosted by Heather at the pier. Franco arrives and Heather wants to kill Carly. Franco suggests they move the execution to another location. He takes them to Sonny’s warehouse where Shawn and Jordan are being held captive. Franco turns on Heather and lets her know that his plan was to kill her too. Franco locks Heather and Carly in with Jordan and Shawn.

Meanwhile, Nina informs Ava that she intends to induce labor. Nina injects her with needle full of oxytocin and Ava goes into labor. In one of the most disturbing Nina scenes yet, Nina delivers Ava’s baby girl.


Nina Delivers Ava's Baby|"I am pushing you crazy "b*tch!"|Ava goes into labor and is in no shape to escape psychotic Nina. Nina guides her through labor and the baby is delivered safely.

Madeline arrives to take Nina and the baby away. Ava pleads with them to not leave and Nina tells her to shut up. Ava reveals to Nina that Madeline hired her to seduce Silas. Madeline insists Ava is lying. They leave and Ava is left alone without her baby. Nina and Madeline hole up at a hotel with the baby and Madeline tries to talk sense into Nina who will have none of it. Nina wants Silas to meet her new baby.

Ava’s day just gets worse. She answers the door to find Sonny standing there. She begs for her life and just as Sonny is about to shoot her a warning shot goes off.

Sonny turns to see Michael standing there. Michael stops Sonny from killing Ava and prepares to shoot him. Meanwhile, Morgan and Dante realize what Michael is about to do and race to find him.

Meanwhile, Anna informs Duke that Sonny is now a suspect in AJ’s murder. When she asks Duke if he wishes to retract the alibi he gave Sonny he declines. Anna points out that if Sonny is found guilty; Duke is going down with him. Later, Anna arrests Duke for giving Sonny a false alibi the night of AJ’s murder. She asks Duke how he could choose Sonny over her. Duke answers that he has an obligation to keep his word to Sonny.

Back at General Hospital, Obrecht delivers Jason’s enormous hospital bill and tells him he is being discharged. Liz is upset, claiming that “Jake” has no money and nowhere to go. Obrecht claims that is not her problem. Liz offers to let him stay with her.

Meanwhile, Silas comforts Sam over Danny’s cancer scare. He apologizes for letting Nina come between them and wonders if there is a chance they can talk. Before Sam can answer, the doctor arrives with Danny’s test results proving that Danny is ok. 

Silas Comforts Sam|Silas apologizes to Sam for allowing Nina to come between them.|Sam is upset about Danny and turns to Silas for comfort. He promises to be there for her and apologizes for letting Nina come between them.

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