GH Recap: Sam Keeps Searching For Answers: Week of November 30th

GH Recap: Sam Keeps Searching For Answers: Week of November 30th

Another exciting week on GH! Sam arranges for Danny to get a visit from Jason… the better that she may pump the elder child for information about Elizabeth and Laura’s secret. Sam learns that the secret left Laura angry with Liz. Sam confronts Laura, demanding to know the secret she and Elizabeth were keeping from Jason.

Laura leaves before answering.

Later, Patrick confronts Sam about her dragging her feet where her divorce is concerned, and also about pursuit of Elizabeth. He doesn’t buy Sam’s explanation that she merely wants the truth to be known. Patrick insinuates Sam wants to break up Liz and Jason so that he might be free for herself. Sam mounts a weak defense but Patrick walks out with serious doubts about their future. Sam takes a stronger tack: Patrick is on hand when she instructs Alexis to move ahead with divorce proceedings.  Later, a furious Sam arrives at Liz’s front door.

Across town, Lulu seeks out Dante in the hope of mending their marriage but is gut punched to learn he slept with Valerie again.

Lulu rips into them but Dante and Valerie vigorously defend themselves. Later, Dante signs the divorce papers.

In other news, Julian intimidates Nina about Crimson.  Maxie, trying to buck up her confidence, gives her the makeover.  Nina intends to close Crimson’s budget shortfall with her own private funds. Dillon shows up to say goodbye to Maxie; he intends to relocate back to California. Maxie conscripts Dillon to shoot the editorial staff.

At GH,  SonnyCarly and Michael join Morgan as he is released from the hospital. Andre counsels Carly and Michael on how best to support Morgan. Sonny has wise words for Morgan. Morgan balks at moving in with his parents but by later comes around.  

Sabrina arrives at GH for her sonogram, explains to Felix that she’s changed her mind about coming clean to Michael (without mentioning Carlos), and asks if he can help her cover the discrepancy in the due date.  Felix refuses at first but eventually covers for her. Later, Sabrina meets Carlos on the pier, as he tells Sabrina that he knows she’s carrying his baby… and that Sabrina’s leaving town with him.

Paul walks in on a fraught moment between Sabrina and Carlos at the docks and watches, unseen. When Sabrina goes, Paul confronts Carlos, putting the fear of God in him and telling him if he doesn’t get out of town and stay away from Anna, he will end up being the dead body in the river after all. Carlos is shaken, moves off.


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