GH Recap: Familiar Faces from Far Away Places Return: Week of October 13th

This week started off with a bang! Patrick, Sam and Tracy are stunned when they are met at the Amsterdam café by Jerry Jacks, not Luke. Jerry claims that he has Luke in his possession and agrees to release him for a price. Patrick and Sam try to dissuade Tracy from negotiating with Jerry but Tracy will not take a chance on Luke’s life. Jerry demands ELQ and agrees to take Tracy’s shares. Later, Jerry reports what happened back to his partner Helena.

Another face from the past emerges when Madeline is released from prison. Madeline and Obrecht share a bitter reunion. Madeline claims that she is there to see Nathan but Obrecht senses there is something more and it involves Nina. Nathan interrupts them and he tries to kick Madeline out. Madeline reveals that Nina has control of their family fortune. Later, Nathan leaves Nina a voicemail that Madeline overhears. Madeline warns him that Nina can be violent…just as Nina shows up at Madeline’s door. Nina tears into Madeline, acting even more insane than usual. She is hell bent on revenge and wants to kill Madeline until she suddenly comes up with a new plan…Madeline can help her steal Ava’s baby.

Silas questions Travis about Nina and finally gets the truth. Silas learns that Nina never required a wheelchair. Silas confronts Nina about her lies. She begs him to understand but he wants nothing to do with her and tells her the marriage is over. 

At General Hospital, Jason’s bandages finally come off and Liz sees his new face. Liz shakes off the feeling that there is something familiar about him.

Jordan visits Jason hoping to confirm that he can’t contradict the story that she gave to the police. Jake remembers that he heard voices that night. Meanwhile, Jason’s fingerprints are taken for analysis by the PCPD. There is a problem with the computer and Dante cannot get an identity. All that they know is that at some point John Doe had been arrested. Meanwhile, Helena has had someone watching Jason- the same person that caused the computer glitch at the PCPD.

Later, Sabrina confesses to Jordan that Ava was given the wrong medication. Ava’s pain gets worse and Morgan insists on calling her doctor.  It is too late, Ava goes into labor. Kiki goes to get Silas and finds him unconscious in his apartment. She is able to wake Silas who tells her about his run-in with Nina.

Nathan runs into Maxie at the gym. She consoles him over his upsetting talk with Obrecht. They go their separate ways but not before Maxie vows to get Diane on the case. Meanwhile, much to Spencer’s delight, Britt moves back into Wyndemere. Britt has a vivid nightmare of Nikolas learning of her role in Spencer’s disappearance. 

Across town, Sonny and Shawn begin their plan to kill Franco. They discuss possible people to pin Franco’s murder on. After going down a list of people, they finally are struck with the idea of Heather Webber. Meanwhile, Franco asks Michael to be his best man. Michael is surprised but agrees. Franco leaves and visits Heather Webber. He tells Heather that she was right all along about Carly. He has a major revenge plan and wants Heather to help.

Yikes! What a note to end the week on!

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