GH Recap: Wedding Plans and Revenge: Week of October 20th

GH Recap: Wedding Plans and Revenge: Week of October 20th

It was another eventful week in Port Charles! Nina is up to her usual antics. She controls the family money that Madeline desperately needs and uses this to get Madeline to agree to help steal Ava’s baby.  

Meanwhile, Ava is in labor. Silas is able to successfully stop it. The two share a moment as they talk about their past together.   

Meanwhile, Michael learns from Sabrina that Carlos did not kill AJ, Ava did. Michael informs Kiki about this news. Kiki secretly knows this is true, but tries to make Michael believe otherwise.  She later informs Morgan that Michael is onto Ava and is worried that he will learn the truth. Michael finds Anna and tells her that Carlos’s confession was false and that Ava is the real killer.  Later, Rosalie runs into Michael on his quest to find Ava. Rosalie comes very close to divulging Ava’s location but Madeline arrives just in time to stop her.  Madeline wants to get to Ava first.

Franco invites Heather his wedding, promising to bust her out of Ferncliff.  Franco covers with Carly, saying he is at work. Heather is worried when she hears him tell Carly that he loves her. Franco admits that he does love Carly and is torn. Heather gets him back on track by reminding him of how awful she is. Later, when Shawn shows up to take her away, she thinks that it is part of Franco’s plan and leaves with him.

At General Hospital, Jason informs Liz that he remembers hearing two voices on the night of the accident but cannot remember who or what was said. Obrecht comes in and tells Jason that he will be discharged soon. After she leaves, Liz gives him the rundown on Obrecht, including her relations with Faison. She informs him that Faison was responsible for Jason’s death and the body was never found. To cheer Jason up Liz gets him in a wheelchair for a ride around the hospital. 

Patrick and Sam have returned home from Amsterdam and inform Alexis of what they learned regarding Luke & Jerry. Alexis heads out to warn Ned and finds Julian and Ned fighting. After Julian is thrown out, Alexis apologizes to Ned for Julian’s behavior and they share a warm hug that Olivia sees.

Across town, Tracy tells everyone that Luke is innocent and Jerry is the true culprit. She intends on giving Jerry her ELQ shares to secure Luke’s safety and release and asks that all of the other Quartermaines do the same. Ned refuses but Alice gives Tracy her shares.

Sonny’s guilt over killing AJ is getting the best of him. He visits the Quartermaine crypt where he has an encounter with Connie’s spirit.

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