GH Recap: Tricks, Treats and a Wedding: Week of October 27th

GH Recap: Tricks, Treats and a Wedding: Week of October 27th

It’s Halloween in Port Charles and this year did not disappoint. There is so much to talk about! Let’s jump right in with resident psychotic Heather Webber who is being stashed at Sonny’s warehouse. Before long, it becomes clear to Shawn that Heather assumes Franco hired him to take her out of Ferncliff. Meanwhile, Franco continues to needle Carly about the surprise that he has in store for the wedding tomorrow. Franco spends his last night as a bachelor with Scott while Carly spends her last night as a bachelorette with Bobbie.

Across town, Nathan runs into Diane and asks for legal advice regarding his situation with Maxie. Diane does not think that there is anything she can do. At General Hospital, Liz and Jason have grown closer. He climbs a flight of stairs and Liz paints a picture for him. In one of the most entertaining returns this season, Jerry drops “Tracy’s husband” off on the Quartermaine terrace. Tracy, Ned and Lulu race outside to discover a drunk Larry Ashton wrapped in a blanket.

Shawn informs Sonny that Heather thinks Franco planned her escape. They wonder what Franco is up to but decide it doesn’t matter; they are going to kill him before his wedding anyway and blame it on Heather.

Meanwhile, Madeline and Nina are busy plotting against Ava. They are intrigued when they learn that Ava has been taking a medication that causes premature labor. Madeline does some spy work and reveals to Nina that she saw Silas with Ava. Nina doesn’t take the news well.

They try to figure out how to separate Silas from Ava. Sam arrives at the hospital for Danny’s test results and Madeline switches them leaving Sam thinking that Danny’s cancer has returned. Sam calls Silas in tears. Silas does not want to leave Ava alone but Ava insists, assuring him that Morgan will be back soon. Meanwhile, Morgan confronts Sonny about killing AJ and his plan to get rid of Ava because she knows the truth. Sonny loses it and reveals that his real reason for wanting Ava dead is because she killed Connie. Sonny shows Morgan proof that Ava killed Connie. Livid, Morgan tells Sonny where Ava is hiding. Little does Sonny know that Nina got to Ava first. Nina injects Ava with a drug that causes paralysis. Nina prepares to induce Ava’s labor.

Finally, it is the morning of Franco and Carly’s wedding. Guest gather and Carly learns from Spencer that Franco once tried to hack into her email to bring Sonny down. When Shawn arrives to kill Franco, Heather sends Shawn text messages threatening Jordan if Franco is harmed. Franco takes Shawn’s phone and texts Sonny from it, assuring him that Franco is dead. When Shawn goes looking for Jordan, Heather locks them in a storage room.

Franco arrives at the wedding and Carly confronts him about his attempts to retrieve the incriminating recording. Franco takes responsibility and gets the wedding back on track. Lucy arrives to perform the ceremony. The ceremony starts and when Lucy asks Franco if he will take Carly to be his lawfully wedded wife, Franco responds, “Hell no.”   

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