GH Recap: Old and New Relationships Are Tested: Week of October 6th

GH Recap: Old and New Relationships Are Tested: Week of October 6th

Another week full of surprises on General Hospital! Let’s start with budding couple Maxie and Nathan. After talking with Lulu, Maxie comes to her senses and shows up for her date with Nathan. The two share a romantic dinner and get to know each other better. It seems like a perfect night…until Judge Walters arrives.  Judge Walters tells Maxie that she has to choose between seeing her daughter rand seeing Nathan. Nathan decides for her saying that her daughter is more important. Dante suggests that they sneak around while Lulu suggests that Maxie should hire Diane to fight Judge Walters.

At the hospital, Elizabeth is excited when her John Doe awakens. He struggles to remember anything from before the accident. He finally remembers two names, Elizabeth and Jake. Liz  tries to coax his memory more but nothing more comes. Jason decides that his name must be Jake.

Meanwhile, Milo arrives to take Epiphany out on a date. She assumes it is a dinner date and they end up going to the Protein Shack and then to the gym. She plays along for a while but eventually allows her frustration to show. She assumes that Milo is trying to get her to lose weight. Embarrassed, Milo sets the record straight.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Sam are with Tracy in Amsterdam. Due to a misunderstanding, Patrick and Sam are forced to share a room. They end up sharing a bed insisting that they are two mature adults who can handle it. Sam has a racy dream about Patrick.

Later, Sam and Patrick meet Tracy at the café where Luke is supposed to be. The café door opens and instead of Luke, Jerry Jacks walks in.

Franco and Nina spy on Sonny and Carly sharing an intimate moment. Franco is so upset that he decides to go see Michael. Nina gets out her wheelchair and runs after him…and runs right into Silas.

Silas demands answers and Nina claims that the reason she hasn’t told Silas about her ability to walk is that she was afraid that he would leave her and return to Sam. Silas is not sure what to believe. Later he starts wising up to Nina and fires Rosalie. He calls Sam and apologizes for doubting her about Nina. Silas wants to make it up to her and Sam is clearly conflicted.

Later, Nina tries to make out with Silas in a hospital supply closet but Silas stops her. He tells her that he has a lot on his mind but assures her that everything is fine. Later, he asks to speak with Nina’s physical therapist about Nina’s condition.

Meanwhile, Franco asks Sonny for an apology for kissing Carly. Sonny declines. Franco vows to make his wedding to Carly one for the books. Later, Sonny and Shawn come up with a plan to take out Franco once and for all. Meanwhile, Franco is planning his next move against Carly and Sonny and lets Nina in on his revenge plans.

Sam gives Alexis information that contradicts Julian’s clam that he has nothing to do with Luke. Alexis wants nothing to do with Julian and ends it for good. Across town Ava experiences pain again and Rosalie shows up looking for Morgan. Rosalie is shocked to learn that Morgan is hiding Ava but agrees to keep quiet.

Just when some couples are breaking up, others are making up. Nikolas and Spencer ask Britt to move back into Wyndemere. Nikolas is able to put the past behind them and start over. Britt agrees and Spencer is thrilled.  The week ended with a shocking return. Obrecht admits to Nathan that she shot Victor, claiming to have done it for his own good. Nathan is overwhelmed and leaves. Obrecht searches for Nathan at Maxie’s apartment and instead finds Madeline Reeves there.

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