GH Recap: Explosive Romances and Reunions: Week of September 15th

What a week on General Hospital! In case you missed it, do not worry, you can catch up now!  Let’s jump right in starting with Crichton-Clark.  

Stavros drags Lulu into a room to implant the embryo. Lulu collapses in his arms after he gives her a sedative hormone injection. Meanwhile, Anna frees Dante and they frantically search for Lulu. Lulu musters her strength and calls out Dante’s name. Dante hears her and bursts into the room. Dante stops Stavros from implanting Lulu with the embryos. Stavros tries to kill Dante but Lulu intervenes. Stavros is shot and killed.

Obrecht tells Nathan that Victor is his father. Nathan is too concerned about Maxie to care. Victor receives his DNA results and finds out that Obrecht lied about Nathan. Victor is about to kill Obrecht, when Anna bursts in, gun drawn. Obrecht picks up Victor’s gun and it looks like she is going to kill Anna. Instead she shoots Victor and claims it is to protect the secret of Nathan’s paternity.

Meanwhile, Peter is about to kill Maxie when Nathan bursts in and kills him. Levi lunges at Nathan and is about to shoot him when Maxie grabs the dagger and stabs Levi, killing him. Finally out of danger, Maxie and Nathan share their first kiss.

Across town, Patrick and Sam reminisce about Jason over Chinese food.  They share a passionate kiss. Sam pulls away and Patrick apologizes. Sam claims that she isn’t ready to move on. Later, Patrick opens up to Liz about his kiss with Sam while Sam confides in Alexis. Alexis thinks that they should go for it. Sam is determined to keep her relationship with Patrick platonic even though she has strong feelings for him.

Back at Crichton-Clark, Jason gets out of his restrains and escapes from his clinic room. He runs into another room and finds Robin chained up. Jason frees Robin and they make a run for it.


They run into Helena Cassadine who informs them that they will be coming with her. Meanwhile, Obrecht informs Anna that Crichton-Clark is about to explode. Anna, Obrecht, Dante, Lulu, Maxie and Nathan all make it out before the explosion.


The drama continued when Sabrina visits Ava under the pretense of an apology and gives her a drug to cause premature labor. She visits the hospital chapel to pray for Gabriel and for her revenge plot to work.


In other news, Spencer tries to warn Nik about Luke’s plan against Sonny again. This time Nik takes it seriously and calls Patrick who confirms the story. Meanwhile, Nina continues with her mission to destroy Kiki’s life. She wants Rosalie to ruin Kiki’s relationship with Michael. Nina finds herself alone with Franco and decides to tell him about Sonny & Carly’s affair. Franco refuses to believe it.

What an exciting week! Can’t wait until Monday? Catch a SNEAK PEEK NOW!