GH Recap: Shocking Revelations as the Search Continues: Week of September 1st

GH Recap: Shocking Revelations as the Search Continues: Week of September 1st

The week started off with Levi surrounded by Dante, Nathan and the police. Levi holds Lulu at gunpoint and starts listing his demands.

Levi Holds Lulu at Gunpoint|"Levi" demands a helicopter, money, handcuffs & duct tape from the police.|Surrounded by the police, "Levi" holds Lulu at gunpoint while making his demands to Dante & Nathan. Levi wants a helicopter, money, handcuffs and duct tape. In that order.


Fearing that Levi will harm Maxie and Lulu, Dante distracts him while Nathan goes around the back in search of another entry. Meanwhile Dante is forced to take a shot at Levi when he threatens Lulu’s life. Dante and the police swarm the house and take down Levi. Everyone is taken by surprise when a third party gases the house. Nathan watches in horror from the window as everyone passes out. A figure in a gas mask emerges and Victor Cassadine reveals himself. Nathan surrenders after Victor threatens Maxie and things get even more interesting when Victor realizes that Nathan might be his son. Meanwhile, Britt informs her mother that Nathan is on the manhunt for Levi. Obrecht is horrified that Anna is going to get her son killed. Britt wonders if Victor is Nathan’s father and Obrecht quickly tells Britt to mind her own business.


Is Victor Nathan's Father?|Victor realizes that Nathan is Obrecht's child...and maybe his son.|Victor realizes that Nathan is Obrecht's child and can't help but ask the identity of his father.


Meanwhile, Sabrina compels Carlos to confess that he believes Ava put Rafe up to causing the car accident. Carlos also tells Sabrina that Ava made him take the blame for killing AJ Quartermaine. Sabrina insists that Carlos go to the police with his story but he refuses, afraid that Ava will take final retribution on Sabrina. Carlos urges Sabrina to not repeat anything that he has told her. Across town, Silas admits to Patrick that he found a Crichton-Clark card in Rafe’s things. Patrick is surprised by this and Silas explains that Nina thinks it fell out of her medical records. Later, Patrick tells Sabrina his theory that Rafe may have been taking orders from someone. Sabrina is certain after talking with Carlos that he is wrong but will not reveal why she thinks so. Sabrina vows vengeance on Ava. Emma starts acting out because she misses Robin. Patrick tries to make contact with Robin but does not get through. Later, Emma overhears Patrick mention that somebody put Rafe up to causing the accident. She tells Spencer who blurts out that he knows who did it but will not give a name.

At the hospital, Ava comes face to face with Nina who takes an interest in her pregnancy. They exchange verbal blows.



Nina dishes to Rosalie about her meeting with Ava. Rosalie suspects that Nina has plans for Ava’s baby. Nina conspires with Rosalie to strike Kiki off her list. Nina orders Rosalie to seduce Michael. Later, Sabrina bumps into Ava and warns Ava that she intends to make whoever is responsible for the accident pay. Meanwhile, Shawn is working on retrieving Ava and moving her back to Sonny’s. Carly tells Sonny that she is committed to making things work with Franco. Franco can never know that she and Sonny slept together- a statement that is overheard by Kiki. Kiki tries to make a discreet escape but they see her. Carly pleads with her not to tell Franco, swearing that what happened with Sonny is over. Kiki isn’t sure she can make that promise and leaves. Sonny reassures Carly that she doesn’t have to worry about Kiki. Later, Kiki is about to tell Franco about the affair when Carly shows up. Kiki decides to keep her mouth shut. Franco notes that Kiki was acting strange and Carly distracts him by talking about the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Kiki confides in Morgan that Carly and Sonny slept together behind Franco’s back. She pleads with him to keep it from Michael. Morgan agrees to keep her secret.

Alexis receives a text from Julian and struggles to say no to him again. Alexis admits to Sam that she misses Julian but can’t go back to him. Sam is sad about Silas and reveals to Alexis that she thinks Nina is faking everything. Alexis suggests they meet new men.

Later, Patrick shows up at Sam’s and it is very clear that they are attracted to each other. Later, Sam is upset when Silas revels that he showed Patrick a Crichton-Clark card and Patrick didn’t mention it to her. Silas is livid that Sam and Patrick snunk into the clinic to investigate Nina. Sam warns Silas that Nina is up to no good. Later, Sam asks Patrick why he kept the Crichton-Clark connection to his case a secret from her.

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