GH Recap: Ultimatums, Proposals and Scandal: Week of September 22nd

This week started off with Robin & Jason racing towards Port Charles in an attempt to reunite with their loved ones. They agree to split up, with Jason going to Sonny’s and Robin going to her mother’s house.

They finally arrive in Port Charles safely. Jason is at Sonny’s door just inches away from Sam. He is about to go inside when someone sticks a gun in his back warning him that if he doesn’t come along, Sonny and Sam will get hurt. He complies. Meanwhile, Robin panics when Helena is in her mother’s room. Helena makes Robin call Anna & Patrick via Skype and say goodbye. Robin tells them that she will be staying in Paris and that she will be sending the divorce papers. Anna and Patrick are stunned. Helena is happy and assures Robin that she has plans for her. 

Jordan arrives just as Shawn is taking Ava away. Ava begs her to stop Shawn, saying that Sonny is going to kill her as soon as the baby is born. Jordan pulls a gun on Shawn and Ava gets away. Ava drives away frantically calling Julian for help. Jason wanders into the road. Ava sees him but not in time to avoid hitting him.

Jordan arrives and sends Ava away as she calls 911. The paramedics arrive and take the unconscious Jason to General Hospital. Jason arrives in the ER where Liz happens to be on duty. His wounded face is covered in gauze which prevents Liz from realizing who he is. She helps to stabilize him and promises that she will be there when he gets out of surgery.

Across town, Kiki admits to Franco that Sonny & Carly slept together. Later, Carly gives a loving toast to Franco on his birthday. Franco surprises everyone by proposing to Carly. Carly is surprised but accepts. Franco suggests that they get married on Halloween. Carly agrees and Franco assures her that it will be a day to remember. Michael reports the news of their engagement to Sonny who is not happy. Shawn returns and informs Sonny that Ava got away thanks go Jordan.  Later, Julian finds Sonny demanding to know where Ava is. Sonny tells him nothing.  Later, Julian interrupts Alexis’s date with Ned asking her to help him find Ava.

Kiki tells Morgan about Franco and Carly’s engagement and that Franco knows that Sonny and Carly slept together. Morgan wants to tell Michael but Kiki tells him that Franco asked her not to. Ava arrives and seeks refuge with Morgan. Ava does not tell him about the accident but tells him about Sonny’s threat to kill her. Morgan agrees to hide Ava until she can figure out a plan to get out of Port Charles.

In happier news, Dante and Lulu return home to a warm welcome from Nik, Rocco and Olivia. Lulu tells Dante that she wants to concentrate on him and Rocco rather than on having another baby. At the police station Mac and Felicia have an emotional reunion with Maxie while Nathan reconnects with Britt. Later, Nathan asks Maxie out on a date and she agrees.

Meanwhile, Luke has sent another hitman to Port Charles to tell Julian that is boss is not pleased that Ava didn’t kill Michael as requested. The hitman, Kobe, pays Julian a visit demanding to know where Ava is. Julian doesn’t know and Jordan comes in. Kobe warns her that since she killed Mickey Diamond the boss has his eye on her also. Kobe leaves and Julian thinks he’s gone to kill Michael.  

Dante and Lulu's romantic morning is interrupted by Tracy's arrival. Tracy wonders if anyone has heard from Luke. She breaks down claiming she hasn't heard from him and doesn't know what is going on. Dante reveals that he and Anna think that Luke is heading up the Jeromes. Tracy reveals that she saw Luke and Julian together in the stables at Wyndemere. Meanwhile, Sam and Patrick reveal their suspicions about Luke to Alexis. Alexis remembers Julian receiving a mysterious text at the party. The pieces are slowly starting to come together.

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