GH Recap: Hidden Cameras and Hidden Agendas: Week of September 29th

GH Recap: Hidden Cameras and Hidden Agendas: Week of September 29th

What a week on General Hospital! So many shocking surprises this week!  Let’s jump right in and start with Jason, or “John Doe.”  Liz keeps vigil over Jason who remains in a medically induced coma. Epiphany warns Liz that the John Doe patient required extensive facial surgery and may be unrecognizable to loved ones when he wakes up. Later, Sam goes takes Danny for a checkup and he runs into Jason’s room. Sam runs after him and lays eyes on Jason. Danny will not let go of Jason’s hand. Liz distracts Danny with candy. Liz tells Sam that she feels like Danny about this patient. Sam walks up to Jason and suddenly his monitors go off. Sam is alarmed and Liz explains that this means he is coming around. Later, Liz watches as Jason opens his eyes.

Meanwhile, Franco allows Carly to believe that their relationship is on solid ground. Once Franco leaves, Sonny arrives to talk Carly out of marrying Franco. The two share a close moment unaware that Franco has planted a nanny-cam necklace on Carly. Franco reveals to Nina that the necklace he gave Carly is a camera. Nina is surprised that Franco is spying on Carly and asks what he plans to do if he finds her cheating. Franco tells her that he has some information that would make Carly and Sonny miserable. Across town Ava explains to Kiki that Morgan has been hiding her because Sonny is planning to kill her. Ava finally reveals that she saw Sonny kill AJ.

Going along with Nina’s orders, Rosalie tries to seduce Michael but it doesn’t work. When she goes to leave a hitman Kobe comes to kill Michael. Meanwhile, Jordan learns from Julian that Michael is about to be killed. She races to find Shawn so that he can put a stop to it. Shawn arrives just in time and kills the hitman.

Later,  Alexis asks Julian if he is working for Luke Spencer. Julian swears that the man he’s working for is not Luke Spencer. Alexis is about to leave when Julian asks if that is the real reason that she stopped by. They end up in a kiss that leads to the bedroom.

When they take a moment to come up for air, Alexis is surprised to find that Sonny and Shawn have let themselves in. Sonny berates Alexis for her romantic choices and fires her. He confronts Julian about the hit on Michael and Julian insists he had nothing to do with it. Later, Sonny insists that Michael has to leave town for his safety. Michael refuses until Carly backs up Sonny.

After Michael leaves, Carly tells Sonny that he is a jerk and she is glad she is marrying Franco and not him. Of course Nina and Franco are watching all of this. Nina asks Franco to take her to lunch now that Carly has proven to be trustworthy. Franco agrees, leaving his phone behind missing Sonny and Carly making out. When they return from lunch he intends to delete the camera app and instead finds Sonny and Carly spooning each other post coital.

Julian and Alexis aren’t the only ones getting romantic. Nathan asks Maxie out on a date and she refuses. He is determined and tells her that he will be at the Metro Court if she changes her mind. Luckily, she does.

Patrick and Sam reveal to Lulu, Tracy and Dante their theory that Luke caused Patrick’s accident. Lulu and Tracy are shocked.  Luke finally contacts Tracy via text and lets her know that he is in Amsterdam and agrees to meet with her. Sam and Patrick follow Tracy to Amsterdam. On the plane, Patrick informs Sam that Robin signed the divorce papers and he is happy that he and Sam have put their kiss behind them and gone back to being friends. Sam agrees covering her true feelings.

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