Jo Wilson
Jo Wilson
Played by Camilla Luddington

Character Biography

Likes: Pediatrics; independence; beer with friends

Dislikes: Nicknames; pity

Notable Relationships: Jo, not one to open up about her childhood, doomed her relationship with OBGYN Resident Jason Myers to be over before it began, with it finally ending in a physical confrontation between the two. A short time later, Jo began a relationship with Alex Karev, after he admitted that he loved her in the middle of the super storm.

Family: When Jo was two weeks old, her mother left her at a fire station. She shuffled through multiple foster homes until she was 16, when she started to live on her own out of her car. Jo's favorite high school teacher, Ms. Schmidt, is the closest thing Jo has to a family member.

Other: "Smart" even doesn't begin to describe Jo – after being named valedictorian of her high school, she worked her way through Princeton and then, later, Harvard Medical School, where she graduated top of her class. Meredith Grey awarded Jo the first intern surgery, but she failed to complete it.