Maggie Pierce
Maggie Pierce
Played by Kelly McCreary

Character Biography

LIKES: Running, crossword puzzles, tequila (just like her big sister, Meredith)

DISLIKES: Sleeping next to someone; her parents' divorce; being left on tarmacs without water for FOUR HOURS

NOTABLE RELATIONSHIPS: Maggie was in a fairly serious relationship with a guy, Dean, but his penchant for cuddling and wanting to sleep in the same bed ultimately ended their engagement.

FAMILY: Boston-raised, Maggie was adopted by a sweet couple as a baby. She came to Grey Sloan Memorial after learning her birth mother was the late, famed, Dr. Ellis Grey, but gets more than she bargained for when she finds out that her bio-father is Dr. Richard Webber.

OTHER: She may have missed out on a traditional childhood because she was so busy studying, but it paid off as, at age 31, she's already Head of Cardio at GSM. Since her move to Seattle, her entire idea of family has been redesigned with a new father, Richard Webber, half-sister, Meredith Grey, and bonus "adoptive" sister, Amelia Shepherd.