Richard Webber
Richard Webber
Played by James Pickens, Jr.

Character Biography

Fly-fishing; his career

Members of staff keeping secrets from him; sexually-charged doctors; striking nurses; alcohol (he is a recovered alcoholic)

Had an affair with Meredith's mom, Dr. Ellis Grey. He eventually ended their relationship. Webber's marriage somehow survived, despite Adele's knowledge of his affair. Richard later found himself entangled in a romantic rendezvous with Dr. Catherine Avery after they ran into each other. They went on to get married.

A mentor to the entire staff, Dr. Webber worked in New York for a number of years pioneering cutting edge surgery. He eventually returned to Seattle Grace, the hospital where—more than three decades ago—he was himself an intern. Richard blames himself for not being more attentive after Adele dies due to an Aortic Aneurysm. After surviving a frightening near-death experience, Webber is back to doing what he does best: mentoring doctors. He also has a newly-discovered daughter, Maggie, from his relationship with Ellis Grey.