Grey Chatter Report: Episode 1022: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Grey Chatter Report: Episode 1022: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

**WARNING SPOILERS** Welcome to Grey Chatter for the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" episode of Grey's Anatomy! Here you'll find highlights, quotes, observations and more. Be warned, we're talking about details from the episode so stop reading this stat if you don't want to be spoiled. BONUS: There's a preview of the next all-new episode at the end. Enjoy!

Seems Like Old Times: Cristina gives a speech before a room full of strangers in Zurich. Actually, someone she knows is in the audience. Cristina can finally see the face of the voice that’s been asking her questions. It’s someone she last saw on what was supposed to be her wedding day. Yes, Dr. Preston Burke is the one who secretly brought Cristina 6,000 miles from her home. He wants her to scrub in on a surgery. Here’s why:

A Family Man: Burke has been trying to get the kinks out of his medical breakthrough before publishing a paper on it. Cristina is thoroughly impressed. She admits that she wants to print a functional beating heart. Burke’s hospital has the resources for this. He wants her to do her work there. Cristina doesn’t believe this is a business plan until Burke drops a bombshell.

Sister in Seattle: Derek and Amelia tag-team for a surgery for conjoined twins along with a team of about 40 other docs. There’s bickering between the sibling patients as well as the sibling neurosurgeons. Derek assures Callie that even though he treats his sis like she’s the village idiot, Amelia is a top notch doc. Later, Derek lets Amelia know that he recommended her to Callie for her study. He kinda likes having his sis in Seattle.

Chapel of Love: The confirmation of April’s pregnancy is met with unsure emotions. Jackson is also feeling heat from Richard because of the whole Harper Avery mess. It gets to the point where April can’t take it anymore. She lashes out at Richard for taking his embarrassment of the situation out on her husband. This tongue-lashing takes place in front of a bunch of their peers. Later, Jackson joins April in the chapel.

Go Where the Work Is: Cristina admits to Meredith via a voicemail message that everything she ever wanted is in Zurich. She’s shocked when Burke says he doesn’t want her to work for him. No, he has something else in mind.

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