Grey Chatter Report: Episode 1006 Map of You

Grey Chatter Report: Episode 1006 Map of You

**WARNING SPOILERS** Welcome to Grey Chatter for the "Map of You" episode of Grey's Anatomy. Here you'll find highlights, quotes, observations and more. Be warned, we're talking about details from the episode so stop reading this stat if you don't want to be spoiled. Enjoy!

Oh, Mickey, Your Brain's Not So Fine: Derek gets in on the idea of making a map of the human brain. He's been doing tests on an enthusiastic quadriplegic named Mickey. He wants to ditch the project when his patient develops a tumor. That doesn't work for Mickey. Did you see the look on Derek's face when his patient said “access denied” to his brain? Classic.

Sound Dating Advice: If there's anyone who knows how to dump a woman, it's Alex Karev. It's not always pretty. Actually, it's never pretty. Still, the man has unparalleled experience in this area. Guess that's why Arizona asks for his advice here:

Not-So-Great Expectations: Okay, Arizona ditched Alex's advice on how to dump a lady. Instead, she went with the whole “honesty” approach. See how that all worked out for her:

A Kiss is Just a Kiss: Don't you just love that the kiss Shane planted on Stephanie didn't mean nearly as much to him as she'd been thinking it did?

Father-Son Reunion: Alex doled out some dating advice earlier, but needed someone to give him a little guidance on dealing with his deadbeat dad. He'd been hanging at the bar where papa Jimmy had been playing all week with his band until finally striking up a conversation with the guy. Things started out great, but then… Well, take a look:

Despite Our Best Efforts, the Patient Survived: A terminal patient, Ben, and his wife have embraced the fatalness of the situation by spending gobs of money to live life to the fullest. Amazingly, Cristina says she can save the guy. That's horrible news for the patient and his wife who were planning to pay their creditors with life insurance money. There was still a chance he could die on the table. Sadly, Cristina is too good. Ben lived. This devastated the debt-ridden man and his wife.

Person of No Interest: When Emma learned that Cristina is Owen's ex, she realized he may not be ready to date just yet. She gave him a goodbye kiss which looked like something else to Cristina, who tried to have a chat with her person. Unfortunately, Meredith was busy with her research project. She's also still ticked at Cristina for pushing her. She how Mer lays into her:

The Quotes Are In: Below are some of the top lines from “Map of You.” Let us know your favorites and pop in any we forgot in the comments section below.

Cristina: I hurt her feelings. We'll get past it.

Stephanie: Alex has a dad?

Jackson: Karev has a dad?

Jackson: See you in a few days. No kissing Shane.

Alex: That girl goes from zero to “I love you” in seven seconds.

Derek: Spending time with the kids is not a consolation prize. It is the prize.

Family Health Plan: Meredith will need time to pursue her portal vein project. Derek said he is willing to give it to her by scaling down his surgeries, spending time with kids and focusing on his research. See Mer's reaction to his plan:

That's it for this week's edition of Grey Chatter. See you next shift!

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