Grey's Anatomy #1101: "I Must Have Lost It On The Wind"

Final scene from Grey's Anatomy #1101 featuring "I Will Be There" by Odessa
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Episode #1101: "I Must Have Lost It On The Wind"
Original Air-Date: 9/25/14  
Song Artist Description of Use

Le Boom Vent Suite Jill Scott John Doe fights restraints as Mer performs CT. Owen observes from the control room.
Ghost of the Year Correatown & Piney Gir Derek and Owen check in on the John Doe.
I Will Be There Odessa Owen talks to John Doe. His wife and daughter appear. Meredith confirms Alex is a person. They have a nice conversation.
Cold Coast Secret Sun Jo whines to Steph. Mer whines to Alex. Derek arrives and states he broke up with the White House. Mer spots Maggie alone; and together they shoot tequila