7 Things You  Need to Know for Season 11

7 Things You Need to Know for Season 11

Paging all Grey’s Anatomy fans! The season premiere is only hours away. Excited? We know we are! In order to jump right into Season 11, we wanted to look back at a few of the biggest moments that went down at the end of Season 10. Change is definitely in the air at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Take a look at 7 Things You Need to Know before the Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Premiere to see what we mean.

1. Derek and Meredith are at odds. As any MerDer fan knows, Season 10 did not end well for this dreamy duo. Derek accepted a job in Washington D.C. assuming his family would be moving with him. He even secured a job for Meredith. But after a little soul-searching (and some parting advice from her person), Meredith decided to stay in Seattle. It’s where her life is. But will it be a life without Derek?

2. April is pregnant! Things ended on a much better note for April and Jackson. Not only did they secretly get married last season, but April soon found out there’s a bun in the oven. Despite a few problems along the way, things seem to be going well for the newlyweds. Will that last in Season 11? Tune in THURSDAYS 8|7c to find out!

3. Meredith has another sister. One of the biggest bombshells dropped in the Season 10 finale was Maggie Pierce, the new head of Cardiothoracic Surgery, also happens to be the biological daughter of Ellis Grey. Yup, THAT Ellis Grey, which means she’s Meredith’s sister. (But if you watch this sneak peek from the premiere, these sisters don’t get off to the best start.) Look for Maggie to continue to confide in Richard, who may very well be her father. She’ll also try to make a positive impression at the hospital… but find herself in extremely unfortunate situations.

4. Callie can’t have more children. Last season was full of ups and downs for Callie and Arizona. Example: They decided to have another baby, but Callie soon found out that the car accident she had a few years ago left her unable to carry another child. By the season finale, they were entertaining the idea of using a surrogate. Look for them to come to a decision regarding surrogacy early in this season.

5. Two people think they have Cristina’s empty board seat. When Dr. Cristina Yang left Seattle, she left more than broken hearts at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She also left her board seat. She may have given it to Alex, but Richard promised it to Bailey. Who is the rightful recipient? We’ll see! One thing we can tell you is that Bailey will realize in Thursday’s season premiere that she’s going to have to fight Alex for it.

6. Amelia is moving to Seattle. Dr. Amelia Shepherd is the youngest sister of Dr. Derek Shepherd, and like her brother, she is also an excellent neurosurgeon whose ambition in proving herself equal to her brother is only surpassed by her surgical skill. After spending time in California (and on Private Practice!), we’re excited that Amelia is making a permanent move to Seattle. Get ready for her to jump right into things when she overhears a big secret.

7. Meredith lost her person. Cristina's departure from the hospital rocked everyone last season, but it understandably hit Meredith the hardest. With Cristina gone, a new sister on the horizon and major issues going on with Derek, Meredith is going to really struggle to regain a sense of normalcy both at home and in the hospital. We can’t say much, but here’s what we can reveal: look for Jo to become jealous of Alex and Meredith’s friendship.

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