Episode #106 Music: "Freakin' Whack-A-Mole"

 Clip from How To Get Away With Murder feat. "Tumbling Lights" by The Acid

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Episode #106: Freakin' Whack-A-Mole
Original Air-Date: 10/30/14  
Song Artist Description of Use
Burn It Skee Ball ft. Di'Alo A college guy is getting ready for a pep rally in his room. He raps along with the song and flexes in the mirror.
Briar Path (Instrumental Version) ERAAS Annalise recounts the case of David Allen and discusses the appeal. Annalise enters the prison, tells David that his case is up for appeal. It's a death row case…
Dress Walker Liars Annalise asks Frank to find Rebecca. Annalise charges the students with figuring out how to win the appeal. Gabler points Wes and Laurel toward corporate law. Travers greets Michaela and Connor…
Evil Voices The Faint
Asher makes a deal with Annalise. Annalise presents information on Art Trucco. The students work the case all night.
Tumbling Lights The Acid
Laurel rejects someone. Wes believes Rebecca when she says she didn't kill someone. Annalise tells someone that after everything he's done to her she still loves and needs him…

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