Killer Moments: Best Christmas Ever

Killer Moments: Best Christmas Ever

Welcome to the Killer Moments for the "Best Christmas Ever" episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Here you’ll find highlights and insights regarding the world of Annalise Keating and her latest group of law students. WARNING: There may be spoilers here. Enjoy!

Holiday Blues: It’s Christmas Day. Annalise downs some minibar booze in a Philly hotel room. She ignores phone calls from Nate. She nourishes herself with chocolate bars. She passes out on the floor. This routine repeats itself every day through New Year’s. Annalise finally returns home after her “trip” to confront her sister-in-law, Hannah. She presents her with a box of evidence to show that Sam is not the man they thought he was.

More Than Like: After his car is stolen, Connor is in for another shock when his ex kisses him. Turns out, Oliver is still crazy about Connor, but he’s torn on how to move forward thanks to their messy past. Connor has feelings, too, and doesn't trust anyone in his life right now but Oliver. 

Killer Vacations: Asher pushes things with Bonnie because, well, she hurt his feelings. As for the other members of the Keating 5, Laurel forces them to talk to each other. Wes admits he’s having nightmares. The conversation deteriorates and ultimately screeches to a halt. That’s because Hannah is there. She wants to know who they are.

Secrets Over Dinner: Annalise answers Hannah’s question about when she started sleeping with Nate. It was in the summer. It was after Sam started sleeping with Lila. She admits lying about some things as well as recognizing her husband’s penis on a dead girl’s phone. Her semi-candor has the desired effect. Hannah is starting to believe that Annalise isn’t hiding anything. Of course, nothing can stay hidden forever. Sam’s remains have been found in a landfill. Those nightmares Wes has been having are now occurring with his puppy eyes wide open.

Sneak Peek: Now that Sam's body has been found, everything is up in the air for the Keating 5. Connor thinks he knows who is to blame. Is he right? Take a look at this preview of what's coming your way in "She's a Murderer."


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