Killer Moments: She's A Murderer

Killer Moments: She's A Murderer

Welcome to the Killer Moments for the "She's A Murderer" episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Here you’ll find highlights and insights regarding the world of Annalise Keating and her latest group of law students. WARNING: There may be spoilers here. Enjoy!

As the Situation Warrants: A distraught Hannah demands that they arrest her sister-in-law for the murder of her brother. She tells the detective that Annalise has had a violent past. That’s not enough for a search warrant. However, Hannah’s testimony that Annalise threatened Sam’s life is. Can Bonnie quash the warrant?

The Search is On: Hannah and Annalise exchange verbal un-pleasantries as the police invade the house. A thorough search of the Keating house is conducted.

No Worries: Connor questions Annalise about her promise to protect them. He wants to trust her, but it’s hard. Annalise says the reason that she gave him the trophy the first day is because he’s like her.

Random Updates: Laurel and Frank continue to navigate their complicated relationship. Annalise submits to an interview after evidence is found in the woods. It’s a ring. Michaela is freaking out. As for Bonnie, she figures everything out and warns Annalise to not let her students bring her down.

A Break in the Case: Thanks to some forensic foul play by Frank, a fingerprint was found on the ring from the woods. The police show up at the apartment of their new prime suspect. As for Annalise, she makes a call to someone she needs.

Who Wants to Get Their Bon-Bon On?: Take a look at a sneak peek at the upcoming “Mama’s Here Now” episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

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