HTGAWM Recap: Things Heat Up in the Courtroom (and the Bedroom)

HTGAWM Recap: Things Heat Up in the Courtroom (and the Bedroom)

Welcome to the How to Get Away with Murder Recap of  Season 2 Episode 2 “She’s Dying."  Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) was put through an emotional rollercoaster as she worked with Eve Rothlow (Famke Janssen) to get Nate Lahey’s murder case thrown out during the preliminary hearings.  Annalise and her team are blindsided when investigators try to pin a new charge on the wealthy siblings she’s been hired to represent.


Annalise on the Witness Stand
After being called to the stand by the prosecutor, Emily Sinclair (Sarah Burns), attacked Annalise to try and get under her skin.  Annalise raised objections during her own testimony due to the nature of the prosecutor’s behavior.  The questions eventually ignited Annalise to tell the Prosecutor Sinclair “charge me with my husband’s murder.  But I’m guessing that hasn’t happened due to LACK of EVIDENCE”


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Bonnie Revealed Why She Killed Rebecca
Annalise gets confrontational with Bonnie (Lisa Weil) after she asked if she should quit.  Bonnie questioned what Annalise wants from her.  Bonnie then explained why she killed Rebecca Sutter.  She killed her to take care of Annalise.  Annalise refused to believe that she took care of Bonnie.  Annalise thinks everyone needs to be saved from her. 

Eve Still Loves Annalise
Emily Sinclair was not the only one to break Annalise down on the witness stand.  During her cross examination of Annalise, Eve Rothlow begins to script a very accurate description of events that happened on the night of Sam Keating’s murder.    After Nate is acquitted of his murder charges, Eve went to Annalise’s house and apologized for attacking her on the witness stand.  Annalise needed to know why she made it so personal.  Eve revealed that she is still in love with Annalise.  Annalise explained why she left Eve so many years ago.  She had to leave because things got too real for her.



Frank is not a Gigolo
Frank (Charlie Weber) told Laurel (Karla Souza) he could help her locate a past exam for her class.  Laurel refused Frank’s help and wanted to earn an A on her own merits.  As soon as she found out she got an “A” on the exam without Frank’s help, Laurel showed up at Frank’s apartment.  Frank knows what Laurel came over for and teases what he could be doing to her.  Frank puts a sudden end to it and asked her to come back if she's actually interested in him. 

How Oliver Contracted HIV
Connor (Jack Falahee) is in the dark about how Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) contracted HIV.  Oliver goes into the details about how he felt after Connor cheated on him.  He describes the night he contracted HIV and how he would never recognize the guy who gave it to him.  Connor can't help but blame himself for everything. 



Flash Forward: Another Body
In the second flash forward of Season 2, we find out who else is at the Hapstall Mansion with Wes.  Connor  is trying to stop Annalise from bleeding out while Laurel, Michaela and Wes tell him that they need to leave.  While exiting the mansion, Emily Sinclair is laying motion-less in the driveway as the three run away.


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