How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Find Out Who Shot Annalise

How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Find Out Who Shot Annalise

Welcome to the How to Get Away with Murder Recap of Season 2 winter finale Episode 9, "What Did We Do?" (Original Airdate Thursday, November 19, 2015). Associate District Attorney Emily Sinclair (Guest Star Sarah Burns) discovers a break in her favor in the Hapstall case, but her actions result in a deadly outcome as details are revealed about the night Annalise was shot, including the person responsible for pulling the trigger.

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Asher's Father Commits Suicide
After the gang rape cover-up is leaked to the press, Judge Millstone takes his own life.  Asher tries to help out with his father's funeral arrangements but his mother can't get over the fact that Asher isn't upset by his father's passing.  She asks Asher why he chose to protect Annalise over his own family.


Sneak Peek: Emily Sinclair's Plea Deal for the Hapstalls|Preview Empily Sinclair offering the Hapstalls a plea deal.|Prosecutor Emily Sinclair (Guest Star Sarah Burns) has a plea deal for the Hapstalls. She offers Caleb and Catherine 15 years in prison for the murder of their parents. Annalise asks for time to talk about it but Sinclair only leaves them until 5pm to decide. Annalise sees the deal as a victory because the prosecution is worried about going to trial. Caleb wants time to actually think about accepting the deal. From Season 2, Episode 8, "Hi, I'm Philip" of How to Get Away with Murder ABC THURSDAYS 10|9c.

Asher Runs Over Emily Sinclair
Asher is still upset with Emily Sinclair and asks her if she leaked the information to the press.  Emily responds by telling Asher that his father deserved to die for what he did.  In an act of rage, Asher throws his car into reverse and runs over Emily Sinclair, killing her on impact.


Who Shot Annalise?
As the entire world around her fell apart, Annalise must come up with a plan to get rid of Emily Sinclair's dead body and free Caleb (Guest Star Kendrick Sampson) from the murder trial.  Asher's murder becomes Annalise's problem when he contemplates going to the police and confess the crime he committed.  Bonnie believes Asher will also reveal that she killed Sam Keating.  With everything to lose, Annalise devises a plan to pin the murder of Emily Sinclair on Catherine Hapstall (Guest Star Amy Okuda), who is still on the run after Caleb finds the murder weapon.  To make her story even more believable, she decides that someone must shoot her in the leg.  When no one comes forward, Annalise reveals that Rebecca is dead and has been constantly lying to Wes.  Wes decides to shoot her but not in the leg.

Annalise Knows Christophe
Wes was ready to kill Annalise after he initially shot her in the torso.  Annalise whispers "Christophe, Christophe, Christophe" to Wes.  He is shocked that Annalise knows his real name.  We then flashbacked 10 years earlier.  Christophe is being interviewed about finding his mother's life-less body.  Watching behind a one-way mirror, Annalise is there with Eve (Guest Star Famke Janssen) behind her.  Eve asks Annalise, "what did we do?"  This jaw dropping scene leaves us with so many questions.  Did Annalise and Eve drive Christophe/Wes' mother to kill herself?  Or did they murder her?

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We have so many questions that need to be answered when How to Get Away with Murder episode 10 returns THURSDAY FEBRUARY 11th 10|9c on ABC.

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Will Annalise survive from her gunshot wound?  Will anyone still be working for Annalise?  Put your answers in the comments below.