How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Season 2 Episode 10

How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Season 2 Episode 10

Welcome to the How to Get Away with Murder Recap of Season 2 Episode 10, "What Did We Do?" (Original Airdate Thursday, February 11, 2016). A few weeks have passed since Wes (Alfred Enoch) shot Annalise. Wes and The Keating 5 deal with the fallout from that night, as Annalise is faced with a complicated road to recovery.  Annalise is still recovering from her gunshot wound and is being called to the witness stand to testify that Catherine Hapstall tried to kill her.  Bonnie is trying to help Annalise recover but Annalise is having hallucinations about Wes' mother, Rose, and a baby arriving at her house.

The Keating 5 Work to Help Annalise
Meanwhile the Keating 5 are still piecing together the night Annalise was shot.  Since Annalise isn't fit to go on the witness stand, Frank and the Keating 5 work on a witness statement to turn into the District Attorney.  Watch Frank pull the team together and show off his typing skills.

Annalise's Plan for the Hapstalls
Annalise changes the game on everyone when she crumbles on the witness stand.  No one knew about her plan to force Catherine to admit that she shot her.  Annalise sacrifices Catherine's innocence to pin everything onto Philip.  She recruits Caleb to tell Catherine what to say in court and tell the courtroom that Philip drugged her.  Watch the whole thing unfold.

Laurel Checks in with Annalise
Laurel takes responsibility for shooting Annalise in order to protect Wes from the rest of the group.  Laurel has also been keeping an eye on Wes after she tells her to keep close to him.  Watch Laurel come over to Annalise's house after she returns home from the hospital.

Wes Wants to Know Annalise's Connection to his Mother
After Annalise called Wes Christophe, he tries to figure out how Annalise knew his mother.  He searches Annalise's house for any information and decides to just wait and ask Annalise face to face.  When Wes takes a step towards her, Annalise attempts to protect herself.  Watch Annalise's flashback of the first time she met Rose, Wes' mother.

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