How to Get Away With Murder Recap Season 2 Episode 12: the Mother of All Twists

How to Get Away With Murder Recap Season 2 Episode 12: the Mother of All Twists

Welcome to the How to Get Away with Murder Recap of Season 2 Episode 12, "It's a Trap" (Original Airdate Thursday, February 25, 2016).  With Philip still out there, Annalise tries to keep the team from panicking and get one step ahead of Philip’s threats. Meanwhile, Wes and Laurel start putting the pieces of Wes’ mothers death together, but some things just aren’t adding up.

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Wes and Laurel Go to Cleveland to Investigate Annalise's Old Case
Wes and Laurel find themselves at the courthouse digging through files and materials from Annalise's case.  They find out Wes' mother, Rose, had planned to testify anonymously but ditched Frank as soon as she was called to the stand.  Rose had asked to testify anonymously due to her legal status in the United States.

Bonnie Ends Any Future with Asher
With the impending doom on his mind, Asher is waiting for Bonnie at her apartment to review possible defenses if he were to be charged with murder.  Bonnie turns him away and tells him that she'll never be his lawyer and that there's no chance they'll ever be a couple.  

Wes Kisses Laurel

Laurel flew to Cleveland with Wes in order to get away from Frank.  Laurel explains why she got into a fight with Frank.  She tells Wes that Frank is a bad person, just like her father.  Wes assures her that she's good person and thanks her for looking after him.  Wes and Laurel end their conversation with a kiss.

Annalise Calls Philip's Bluff

Annalise tells everyone that they will not give into Philip's demand for money.  They all count down to the deadline to see if anything will happen once time runs out.  Everyone is relieved when nothing happens after the deadline but Philip sends them a new video of Annalise and Nate taken the previous night.  Philip is still in the city watching them.

The Keating 5's Group Therapy Session|The Keating 5 regroups after Wes is released from the Hospital.|Connor questions Wes about what he told the doctors at the hospital. Everyone's biggest fear is that he told the hospital about the murders. Wes assures them that he only talked about his childhood. The Keating 5 realize they can only rely on each other and Annalise is not someone to be trusted. From Season 2, Episode 11, "She Hates Us" of How to Get Away with Murder ABC THURSDAYS 10|9c.


Laurel Asks Annalise an Important Question
In Cleveland, Laurel hid a page from Rose's police report.  The report lists Wes as a possible suspect in his mother's homicide.  Laurel needs an answer from Annalise (Viola Davis) to see if she knows if Wes killed his mother.


Laurel Wants to Know What Frank is Hiding|Laurel wants Frank to tell her everything.|After telling Frank (Charlie Weber) that Wes was the one that shot Annalise, Laurel (Karla Souza) doesn't want to keep any secrets from him. She wants to know all the bad things he's done. Before she leaves his apartment, Frank reveals that he's the one that killed Lila Stangard. From Season 2, Episode 11 "She Hates Us" of How to Get Away with Murder ABC THURSDAYS 10|9c.

Philip is still in hiding and continuing to record their every move.  What will they do next to prevent Philip from releasing the tapes?

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