5 Things to Know About Annalise Keating

5 Things to Know About Annalise Keating

With the much-anticipated series premiere of How to Get Away with Murder only days away, now is the perfect time for a crash course in Annalise Keating 101. Played by the incomparable Viola Davis, this dynamic character is about to take Thursdays by storm. Keep reading to learn more about Annalise before the big premiere!

1. Annalise Keating is a Criminal Law professor at a Philadelphia university. And she’s everything you hope your professor will be: brilliant, passionate, creative and charismatic. She’s also everything you don’t expect: sexy, glamorous, unpredictable and dangerous. Take a look at a sneak peek from Annalise’s classroom below!

2. In addition to her work as a professor, Annalise is also a defense attorney who represents the most hardened criminals. We’re talking people who have committed everything from fraud to arson… to murder.

3. Each year, Annalise selects a group of her smartest and most promising students to come work at her law firm. (This year’s students better get ready, because they will soon have to apply what they learn in class to real life!)

4. In addition to her top students, Annalise also has two dedicated associates who work for her: Frank Delfino and Bonnie Winterbottom. Working for Annalise is the opportunity of a lifetime – but it does come with sacrifices.

5. All in all, Annalise Keating seems like she has it all, right? She has an extremely successful career and a loving husband, Sam. But another relationship will soon force her to confront secrets about her life that she never saw coming…

Don’t miss the series premiere of How to Get Away with Murder THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 10|9c – right after the season premieres of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

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