What You Need to Know Before the HTGAWM Season 2 Finale

What You Need to Know Before the HTGAWM Season 2 Finale

We are just moments away from the How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Finale.  So much has happened this season and we know it's hard to remember everything.  Below we've put together a season 2 recap and listed of everything you need to know heading into the Season 2 Finale "Anna Mae" on March 17, 2016 at 10|9c.

What to Expect in the Upcoming Episode:
With chaos surrounding Annalise, she just can’t stand the pressure anymore and needs to escape.  Meanwhile, Frank must come to terms with the things he has done while Wes continues to get closer to finding out about his past.

The Big Case from this season: The Hapstall Case
Annalise fought her way to get Caleb and Catherine as her clients.  Caleb and Catherine Hapstall were on trial for the murder of their billionaire parents.  During the trial, the prosecution's eye witness, their aunt of the Hapstall children, was murdered which causes the siblings to look like the prime suspects of the case.

Catherine and Philip Know Each Other
Catherine had unknowingly communicated with her cousin, Philip.  Philip is the mysterious relative that seems to be influencing Catherine and the prime suspect that Annalise and Keating Five belive is the murderer of the Hapstall parents.  In the clip below Wes finds out that Catherine has been in contact with Philip.

Asher Killed Prosecutor Emily Sinclair
After Emily Sinclair prosecutes Judge Millstone for covering up Asher's rape charges, Asher's father takes his own life.  Asher knows Emily Sinclair prosecuted his father in retaliation for not helping her be the snitch in Annalise's house.  Emily tells Asher that his father deserved to die.  An highly unstable Asher then proceeds in running her over with his car.

Wes Shoots Annalise
Annalise creates a master plan to pin the murder of ADA Sinclair on to Catherine Hapstall.  In order to make herself look like one of the victims, Annalise needed one of her students to shoot her.  Wes is her last hope.  She is able to get him to pull the trigger by telling him that Rebecca is dead and that she's been lying to him the whole time.  Wes shoots Annalise and is about to completely end her life until Annalise calls him "Christophe," his original name.

Annalise's Role in Rose's Death
Following the night Annalise was shot, Wes wants to know how she knew his mother.  Annalise drops off the case file of the Mahooney trial where Rose, Wes' mother, is called as a alibi witness.  Wes travels to Cleveland to review the transcrips of the trial but it still doesn't have all the information.  Annalise finally comes clean and tells him what happened the day his mother died.

Annalise Tells Wes Who She is Protecting Him From
Annalise has waited to tell Wes about what happened to his mother.  Annalise figured out why Rose was called in as a witness and her ties to Wallace Mahoney.  She discovers Rose was raped by Wallace Mahoney.  Rose was protecting Wes from Wallace because Wallace is Wes' father.

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You're all set for the Season 2 Finale.  Be sure to check out all the recaps from this season.  Don't miss the Season 2 Finale of How to Get Away with Murder THURSDAY 10|9c.

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