HTGAWM Season 3: What to Remember Before the Premiere

HTGAWM Season 3: What to Remember Before the Premiere

We are less than two weeks away from the Season 3 premiere of How to Get Away with Murder.  The shocking ending of the second season left us with a lot of questions.  To help get everyone ready for the premiere we've put together important things to remember from Season 2.

Why Annalise is Protecting Wes
In season 2, we found out how Wes and Annalise's lives were connected prior to him attending law school.  Annalise was working on a defense case for Wallace Mahoney's son when she found out the ugly truth on why Wallace wanted to use Wes' mother as a witness.  The situation got complicated as Annalise threatened to have Wes taken away if she did not testify.  Rather than taking letting Wallace force her to testify, Rose decided to take her life leaving Wes to find her bleeding out on the ground.

Oliver Declines Connor's Acceptance to Stanford
While Connor applied to transfer into Stanford to get away from the murders, Oliver hid away his acceptance letter to the program.  Oliver later calls Stanford posing as Connor to reject the acceptance all together.

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Annalise Finding Out Who Killed Lila Stangard
Laurel arrived to Annalise's house after having too much to drink to ask about Wes and Annalise.  While blaming Annalise for all of her relationship trouble, Laurel reveals that Frank was the one that killed Lila and that Annalise ordered him to do it.  Annalise can't handle all of this information as she always thought her husband Sam was the one that killed Lila.

Wes Meeting His Father
Wes was shocked to learn that his father is Wallace Mahoney.  Despite Annalise's order to not talk to Wallace Mahoney, Wes still makes a trip to New York City to talk to him.  Watch the final scene from Season 2 when Wes approaches Wallace Mahoney:

Watch this sneak peek from the Season 3 Premiere below:

Start the countdown!  HTGAWM returns THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 22 10|9c!

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