Erica Tremblay

Actor Biography

Erica Tremblay is a Canadian-born actress who is the youngest sister of Emma Tremblay ("The Giver," "The Judge") and Jacob Tremblay ("Room," "Wonder"). Erica began acting at the age of four when she appeared in "The Killing," opposite Joel Kinnaman, and the hit CW show "Supernatural."

At the age of seven, Erica now has ten projects under her belt and will have two feature films in theaters next year. In "Before I Fall," based on the book by the same name, Erica portrays the role of Izzy, the adorable younger sister. In the thriller "The Bye Bye Man," Erica will share the big screen with Carrie-Anne Moss, Faye Dunaway and Douglas Smith in a film about a mysterious figure who is the cause of unspeakable acts.

When Erica is not busy filming, she enjoys watching movies and playing with her legos and action figures, like Wonder Woman. 

Tremblay lives in Vancouver.