Jimmy Kimmel & Jake Byrd Troll Supporters at Donald Trump Rally

Jimmy Kimmel & Jake Byrd Troll Supporters at Donald Trump Rally

Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew to follow Jake Byrd at the Donald Trump Rally in Dallas.  Jake has wonderful timing in jumping into interviews and side tracking them.  At the Donald Trump rally, Jake successfully changed the course of many interviews with his made up facts and misused acronyms.  In every sense of trolling, Jake Byrd accomplished it.

Jake's coverage continued on during the rally.  He grabbed a seat just a few rows behind the stage at the rally.  Jake would cheer over the top of many of Donald's supporters throughout the rally.  When Donald spoke about Obamacare, Jake then started a chant "No More Medicine."  Donald turned to Jake many times throughout the rally and even called Jake out as loyal supporter.  The supporters sitting near Jake couldn't keep a straight face throughout the rally.

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Other highlights of the coverage included Jake misusing "DTF" to represent "Donald Trump Forever."  He also showed off his "Trump Stamp" and even placed these trump stamps on other supporters.


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From the September 15, 2015 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, featuring guests John Stamos, Jake Tapper, Music from Cold War Kids.

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