Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Discuss Possible Debate on Kimmel

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Discuss Possible Debate on Kimmel

Donald Trump made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.  Donald stopped by to discuss his campaign and the Democratic Presidential Candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  Jimmy pressed Donald on his opinion of transgender bathroom laws.  Donald denied that the PR spokesman tapes were him.  He also announced that he would agree to debate Bernie Sanders under one condition.

Trump is Willing to Debate Bernie Sanders? Find Out the Why and How

Watch Senator Bernie Sanders react to the possibility of Debating Trump and and find out what made him say, 'Just a tinge of arrogance there!' about Hillary Clinton:

When asked if he watched last night's show, Bernie stated "you made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate about two guys that look at the world very, very differently."  Bernie went on to talk about how polls have been favoring him as a stronger candidate against Trump.  Bernie said "I think if the democrats want the candidate who is most likely to defeat Trump and beat him badly, I think you're looking at the guy."

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