season 1

Her life reads like a country music tune: her husband cheated on her and spent all of their money, and after she gets mad, she's going to get even.

S1 E1 - Pilot
Reba leaves her husband and takes her kids and mother to California.
11.03.12 | 21m
S1 E2 - Baby Steps
Kim and Lillie Mae convince Reba to go on a blind date.
11.10.12 | 21m
S1 E3 - Shell Games
Reba is insulted when Mr. Bata wants a rapper to record one of her songs.
11.17.12 | 21m
S1 E4 - Cash's Car
Reba is angry when her ex-husband gives Cash a sports car for his birthday.
11.24.12 | 21m
S1 E5 - Not With My Daughter
Reba feels threatened by her daughter's relationship with Kim.
12.01.12 | 21m
S1 E6 - Bro Code
Reba tries to get dirt on Bobby's past from his ex-bandmate.
12.08.12 | 20m
S1 E7 - Merry Malibu Christmas
Reba is determined to have a traditional family Christmas.
12.15.12 | 21m
S1 E8 - Push Comes to Shove
Reba tries to get June's school to revive its music program.
01.05.13 | 21m
S1 E9 - Cold Shower
Reba is taped saying some unkind words about Kim.
01.12.13 | 21m
S1 E10 - Easy Money
Reba struggles to be gracious when June lands a meeting with Mr. Bata.
01.19.13 | 21m
S1 E11 - Based on a True Story
Cash has a hard time writing a one-act play.
02.02.13 | 21m
S1 E12 - Adventures in Babysitting
Bad girl singer Shauna moves in with Reba while they collaborate on a song.
02.09.13 | 21m
S1 E13 - Babies Having Babies
A neighbor makes a confession that surprises the entire family.
02.16.13 | 21m
S1 E14 - Bowling For Mama
Cash, Reba and June try to give Lillie Mae the best birthday gift ever.
02.23.13 | 21m
S1 E15 - Oh Brother
Reba's brother shows up and decides to help Lillie Mae.
03.02.13 | 21m
S1 E16 - Marriage Malibu Style
Kim's husband greets Reba with an overly friendly kiss.
03.09.13 | 21m
S1 E17 - New Plans
Reba is excited to finally meet Geoffrey's boss, Mr. Bata.
03.16.13 | 21m
S1 E18 - All You Single Ladies
Reba's family secretly orchestrates an online date for her.
03.23.13 | 21m